How to Protect Your E-commerce Store From Hackers

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Data breach is one of the risks of running an online store, and as an e-tailer, it’s important to be aware of cyber security threats facing your business. Here’s how to protect your shop and customers’ data from cybercriminals.

Company name and logo should be trademarked

YITH uses WooCommerce to boost their features with a range of plugins. We also love to draw upon its flexibility and possibilities. What could look like a basic e-commerce app that can be activated in a couple of seconds will potentially run a whole enterprise. If you’re not yet persuaded, check out this article with 15 samples of famous online stores working on WooCommerce. The next article you can read is ‘How to build your e-commerce shop in a day’ and learn what it takes to go ‘from Zero to Sale in a day.’

trusted ecommerce platform

“Running your store on a software-as-a-service network such as Big Commerce or Shopify  means you pay [for] staff [to help] create [and] manage your store [and] take care of security problems,” says Kalon Wiggins, CEO of Awesome Concept Laboratories. “A strong [ecommerce provider] should actively track all the stores on their site for security vulnerabilities and introduce fixes because there are challenges behind the scenes to take care of [any] security [vulnerabilities] before [they] become a [problem].”


“Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] is the basic encryption technology used to create an encrypted connection between a web server and a client,” says Kai Armstrong, Hostway ‘s ecommerce product manager. “This connection guarantees the protection and confidentiality of all data exchanged between the web server and the browsers. SSLs are essential to ecommerce purchases, helping to ensure that confidential financial and personal information is secured in the purchase process, while fostering trust with the online store and giving shoppers greater peace of mind, “he adds.

Make sure your site is PCI DSS compliant

“If you’re making payments online, you’ll have to make sure that the platform is PCI DSS compatible,” Hicks says. “Thankfully, many payment integrators, including Stripe or Braintree, encrypt and archive credit card information for you, so you don’t keep any of the sensitive payment data.”

Keep your site updated

“Unpatched software and extensions will make an easy goal for your ecommerce platform,” says Laliberte. “Hackers enjoy low-hanging fruit, and often use automatic web crawlers to search for unpatched software. Maintaining the website and backend applications compliant with the current security updates is the single largest (and also the simplest) measure a small business can take to avoid an attack.

Require strong passwords

“One way hackers can enter the site is by using a brute force hack, which simply involves inserting combinations of letters into the account username, trying to get lucky and break your password,” Wiggins says. “The use of predetermined and complicated passwords makes that even less possible.” Instead, workers use solid codes, a mix of upper- and lower-case characters , numbers and icons, or using a “simple sophisticated password generator to secure yourself.”

Know the signs of fraud

“[Though] fraud detection specialists recognize that none of [these] factors alone suggest a fraudulent order, looking at categories of email user names, types of email domain names, customer order history … and understanding global fraud patterns [can] all help detect a fraudulent order,” says Alyse Serritella, team leader, fraud mitigation, Cleverbridge. “With preparation, knowledge and understanding of patterns, [you can] see how all these components communicate with each other and recognise a pattern that suggests a fraudulent order.”

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