How To Build A Strong Customer Foundation to Get More Leads?

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Being online as an online business means to be exposed to a greater market where there are bigger chances to achieve more sales. But at the same time, bigger challenges are also at your face for you to deal with or get behind the rest. 

One of such challenges is to build leads that would eventually convert. Leads are the basic way of growing and expanding your business to newer customers each day. But to have more leads you must have a strong customer foundation that would help you attract more leads. 

Being an online business hold your aim is to have these two most important factors that would ensure your business success;

  • An optimized, fast website
  • A 360 approach to the digital marketing world

Your online foundation will be the strongest because of these two factors which will result in generating quality leads for your online business. 

Businesses that are either start-ups or well-grown enterprises now know more and more that online marketing is of very high importance. It is a way through which businesses gain exposure to larger markets and builds a brand image and recognition that too in an economical way. 

Due to this the market online is getting fierce competition that is growing each day. And because of this, you will have to adapt to the digital space demands otherwise you will lose potential customers if not retain.

  • Maintain Your Website:

The first step towards building a strong online foundation for your business you will have to build a user-centric website. You need your website like an online shop where customers would come and each factor will matter for making them buy from you. 

Your website is the main focal point where your business thrives or goes down the drain. An optimized, fast website plays a major role in your growing sales and generating leads. Many people would want to have a quick look at your products and maybe shop later when they are free, but what if your site works too slow that they never come back? 

This is a good potential client lost just because your website was not optimized. People who are searching online before buying something are at a whopping number of 81%. An optimized website will appear higher in their search results and hence gain you quality leads if not only customers. 

A robust digital presence is all that you need at the moment to attract and retain customers and leads. This will also help you in getting local lead generation to be able to sell locally.


Having a robust website will be of no use if people won’t ever know that you exist. You need your customers to grow your business and hence being in front of their eyes is what you need. You want your business to be found in relevant searches made on Google and other search engines. 

To get local lead generation you will have to market your business well enough so that your customers that exist locally would be able to find your services. Having a solid SEO strategy will keep your afloat in a pool of so many online businesses. You must pay your best efforts to rank higher in search results along with having an optimized website.

Being online you are going to have only 0.05 seconds to make or break your first impression. You want to consume this little time in the best way so that your clients do not move to your competitor site. 

There are many ways to market online, both paid and unpaid. Both of these ways work but going for unpaid and organically gained visitors of your site will build your credibility and rank your website higher for longer durations.

Some Ways of Free Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is best done when you are using some of the best online marketing techniques. To be able to have local lead generation grow upon every search made for relevant products, you need to have the following marketing components:

  • SEO:

Search Engine Optimization will improve your online presence and will help you in attracting leads and converting them into sales. You don’t want to lose any opportunity hence practicing every SEO strategy must be your goal. To have an SEO wise optimized site you must optimize the site speed, use schema data to let search engines understand the purpose of your website, carefully write metadata, have working on-page elements to help search engines and online visitors know the importance of your website, and optimize your images to let search engines know that your content is relevant to each other. These factors help in local lead generation as well as attract customers globally.

  • PPC Advertising:

It is an effective way to increase your Return On Investment. You can achieve limited time visibility on search engines by having paid advertising methods online. This will bring your online business in front of many online searchers. Some ways of having paid ways to boost online presence are PPC, Google Shopping, display ads, remarketing, and also optimizing your videos on YouTube

  • Social Media Marketing:

This is where most of your clients exist and log into their accounts many times a day. It is a powerful tool for growing online. You need to have special strategies to boost your content on social media. The focal point on social media must not be “selling” but should be “socializing”. People will listen to your only when you will sound non-promotional. And once you build a relationship of trust with your social media users, you will be able to make sales as well.

Author bio: Gloria Wharton is a content crafter at HighFive Listing. I swim, cycle, and run a lot. When I’m not doing all those, I love to read and try new things.

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