MP4moviez Movies Website: What Does It Offer? And How To Use It


MP4moviez Movies Website: What Does It Offer? And How To Use It

Surely you enjoy watching movies. You would want to watch any movie, web series, or TV show at any given time. There is a joy that comes with being able to do that.

Unfortunately, you can’t get that kind of freedom in a cinema. You need to have access to streaming sites.

You might be thinking about the subscription, but imagine if you didn’t have to subscribe for this. That’s great, right?

This is why we want to introduce you through this article, to the MP4movies website. We will talk about what the website is, how to use it, and some of its features.

What Is MP4movies?

MP4movies is a streaming platform where users can have access to movies, TV shows, and web series. This platform also allows the luxury of offline downloads.

That means, if you want to have the movie on your device storage, then that will work too.

Furthermore, mp4movies gives access to movies of different genres and languages. In addition to all this, this website is free.

It also has a broad collection of content, which is what sets it apart from other streaming platforms. Unlike most streaming websites, it contains a rich library of content; from the old classics to the latest ones.

Also has a library of different genres; there is horror, action, romance, comedy, romantic comedy, thriller, and a lot more. The content is mainly Hollywood and Bollywood content.

Lastly, the website doesn’t ask for any personal information. That means you do not have to make any payment. They do not need any clarifications.

Just visit the website, search for the film you want, and proceed to either streaming or downloading the film.

Pros And Cons Of Using MP4movies

So right now we will talk about the good and bad aspects of using this website. Some features make this website enjoyable and some make it frustrating to use.

Here are some of those features.


Here are some of the features that attract people to this website.


It must have been mentioned previously that this website contains content from almost all works of life. Firstly, its collection is mainly Bollywood and Hollywood.

However, it contains movies of different genres and languages. It also has a library of the old classics and the latest blockbusters.

There is always a guarantee that you will find the true movie or TV show that you are looking for here. This is why most people visit the website.


This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true. The website has content on its server of different qualities. You are given the option to choose the resolution you want.

Most films on the websites come in different qualities so, depending on the amount of data you have; you can choose from the options they give you.

The high-definition resolution gives you a cinematic experience in your home.


The user interface is great. The website has made it easy for users to search for content without stress.

You do not need to be tech-savvy to use this website. Even as a new member, it is quite easy and straightforward. As soon as you gain access to the website, you figure out what to do next.


Well, you should also know about the issues that this website has before you move forward.


This aspect of the website might get you frustrated. Keep in mind, as you stream any film, ads will not pop up. However, during the process of navigating the website to get the film you will be bombarded with so many ads.

The first step you take on the platform, an ad will popup. As you move to the next page, you get an ad too. And it continues like that. Fortunately the ads are removable.

However, you are advised not to click on all of them. Best practice is to just avoid clicking on anyone. Even though you’ll inevitably click on one or two, still try your best to avoid them.

The ads are the only way this website can generate revenue. Also, do not fill in any personal information on any malicious websites because it might cause you some trouble.


This website is not reliable. Unlike the normal streaming platforms you know, you might be denied access to this platform during some periods. This happens because sometimes the website gets blocked and the URL is unable to give you access.

So that is another annoying feature. Imagine wanting to download a film, and your go to website is down.


Usually this website exposes you to a couple of things. However, if you are careful and avoid those ads and malicious websites, you will be fine. Also, in some countries, using a website like this makes you a criminal. So you might have to hide your IP address by using a VPN.

Lastly, remember that the website doesn’t ask for any personal information. So, make sure you do not give away your information to any malicious website thinking mp4movies needs it.

How To Use MP4movies Website

We have established that the website is easy to navigate. However, there is no harm in throwing in a guide for the user.

These are the simplest steps to follow:

  1. Gain access through the URL. You can also type in the website’s name on the Google search box and just gain access from there.


  1. After you gain access, you can browse through the different categories of films on the home page. Or, you could use the search box to look for the film you want. If you decide to search, the film will appear on the next page of the site.


  1. You can click on the film you searched for and it will take you to the next page. This is where you either decide to stream or download. This is also where you choose the quality you want. If you decide to stream, the film starts playing immediately. However, if you decide to download you are taken to the next page.


  1. On the next page, you have some download links. You choose the link you want and your film starts downloading right away.

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