8 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Product Photography

8 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Product Photography

As an eCommerce giant, Amazon has millions of sellers and billions of online shoppers visiting the platform daily. It can be challenging for any seller to find success on the platform without preparing their product listings for success. Your listing images play an essential role in attracting customers. Studies show that 30% of online shoppers will only consider a listing with high-quality product images.

This is why Amazon’s product photography service is crucial for creating high-quality pictures that attract potential customers and increase your sales on Amazon. If you need to be made aware of professional Amazon product photography or are inexperienced, here are eight ways to enhance your Amazon product photography.

           1. Follow Amazon’s image guidelines

You can do a lot to improve the quality of your product picture, but the easiest way to improve your Amazon product photography is to follow Amazon’s guidelines.

A professional Amazon product photography service like EtherArts product photography knows the platform’s requirements well. That is why we can offer cheap Amazon photography services to clients across industries. Here are a few essential requirements you must adhere to: 

  • Amazon requires that product images have a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • All product images should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF formats.
  • Amazon recommends using a pure white background (#FFFFFF) to create a clean and consistent look across the platform. However, some product categories may allow other background colors or textures.
  • The Amazon product should be the image’s main focus, occupying at least 85% of the frame.
  • Amazon does not allow images with borders, watermarks, or promotional text.

         2. Use lifestyle images 

While Amazon allows the use of product images in different settings, you can drastically improve the quality of your product images if you create lifestyle images for Amazon products that show the product in real-life settings. As an Amazon photographer in Atlanta, we often recommend our clients include lifestyle images in their listings that demonstrate the product’s use. These images should still follow the other guidelines, including appropriate resolution and no additional text.


          3. Proper lighting 

Another critical element of professional Amazon product photography is lighting. It plays a significant role in accurately capturing the products’ details, colors, and textures. We recommend you use natural light sources, such as large windows or diffused sunlight.

Natural light is a source of soft, even illumination that reduces harsh shadows and highlights your product’s features. However, if natural light is unavailable, you can use artificial lighting setups such as Softbox or continuous LED lights.

Experiment with the angle and direction of lighting to highlight your product’s features effectively. A typical setup you can use is the three-point lighting. It uses a key light, a fill light, and a backlight to create dimension and reduce shadows.

           4. Angle variation

Amazon allows up to nine slots for product images, and to create more conversions, you should use all the slots. We recommend you take pictures from specific angles to highlight different features of the product. Also, Amazon requires you to take angle variation pictures to particular categories. For example, clothing may require a front and back view.

            5. Consistent composition

Another way an Amazon product photography service like EtherArts product photography produces the best quality product images is by ensuring consistent composition. You should maintain a consistent composition style for all your product images. It will create a brand value for you. For uniform composition, use a tripod to ensure consistent angles and framing. This makes your product page look more professional and helps customers compare products easily.

          6. Use high-quality equipment 

An Amazon photographer in Atlanta always uses the best equipment to improve the quality of their Amazon product pictures. You should invest in a good DSLR or mirrorless camera with a high-resolution sensor and various lenses. Also, you can invest in a tripod and remote shutter release. They help eliminate camera shake and ensure sharp images.

          7. Compression

One aspect where most sellers make a mistake is not being mindful of file size and using appropriate compression settings when saving images. You must choose the correct compression settings to ensure fast loading times for your product pages and a smooth customer shopping experience.

          8. Image editing

Image editing is a crucial step in professional Amazon product photography. You can always capture well-composed and well-lit images, but image editing allows you to fine-tune and enhance your photos.

You can improve the quality of your Amazon product images by color correction, adjusting the brightness and contrast, and setting sharpness and clarity. All these changes can help make your product stand out. Striking the right balance between image and composition is essential, as overly bright or contrasted images can appear unnatural.



The quality of your Amazon product photos directly affects your sales and conversion on Amazon. Follow these tips and take the time and effort to create high-quality Amazon product images that appeal to your target audience.