Is A Dedicated Server The Right Choice For You?

Dedicated Server

Is A Dedicated Server The Right Choice For You?

The two main types of web hosting are shared and dedicated hosting. So when you see the price tag of both hosting, you will surely think: do I need dedicated hosting for my website?

Although dedicated servers are a bit costlier than shared one, it offers an ample number of benefits to the users which are not there in shared hosting.

Let’s find out why you need dedicated hosting for your website instead of a shared one.

What is dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server is a hosting solution in which all the hardware resources are allocated to a single user. It implies company can enjoy its separate server’s CPU, RAM, internet connection, storage and much more.

Such a type of hosting is usually called a bare metal server. It provides you with the best experience you will love to avail; as such, hosting provides excellent reliability and performance. As no other user will share the server, you can achieve the desired speed, security and flexibility. You need dedicated hosting if your server crashes frequently or you face a slow speed issue.

For which purpose are dedicated servers used?

Dedicated servers are required by companies which need continuous high performance. This hosting is suitable when you want stable and fast service to serve multiple clients. Even if you have a start-up or large enterprise, a dedicated server is the best match for companies of all sizes. Large e-commerce companies also prefer such servers for their internal software, backup services and email.

More specifically, these servers are excellent for hosting SaaS apps, CRM platforms and customer portals. The list is endless, but companies are now shifting towards dedicated hosting to secure their customers and internal information. So, if you are in favor of this shift, look for the best web hosting company in Mumbai now!

Do I need a dedicated server for my website?

It is a million-dollar question, and the answer is “Yes”. You can avail yourself of many benefits by shifting your website to dedicated hosting. So let’s dive deep to know more about the benefits of dedicated hosting.

Excellent website performance

Multiple companies use a shared server at a given time. Therefore, during peak traffic, all website speeds will be affected. For instance, even if one of your neighbouring websites experiences high traffic, it will immediately hamper your website’s loading time. It is because shared servers have limited bandwidth.

A slow-loading website can upset your customers and make them look for other websites. In addition, it will enhance the bounce rate, and ultimately all such factors will impact the company’s revenue.


By choosing a dedicated hosting server, you will remain assured that no one else is sharing this network; hence, you can enjoy the highest level of security. In a shared network, if the website is affected by malware, the rest of the companies must also deal with it.

As in dedicated, you don’t share your resources with anyone; there is a guarantee that your data is in a secure place.

High uptime

Shared hosting has more significant downtime, which creates a wrong impression on your customers. Naturally, you always want your website up and running and here comes the role of dedicated hosting. In this hosting, even if the company faces any failure, the dedicated web hosting providers can bring your website back online quickly. 

The same is impossible with shared hosting, as it will crash, once you cross your limit. In such a condition, you need to figure out how to get the website up, which can consume much of your time.

Better scalability

You can scale your business through dedicated server hosting, as you don’t have to think much about the website crashing or any other security issues. For instance, if your e-commerce business wants to scale up, your website will always remain ready to handle the enhanced traffic. Also, in a dedicated server, you can upgrade your hardware as per business needs. 

It is not possible with shared hosting. You may need to move to a better plan in such a condition.

Beneficial for SEO

If you want to scale up your business, you will probably use SEO to enhance organic traffic. Through dedicated hosting, it is possible to get a better ranking on search engine pages. In dedicated hosting, you will have your own IP address. While in shared hosting, only one IP address will be given to all the websites on that shared network. So, imagine if any of the websites contains spam or adult content, you are also likely to be penalized because of the same IP address. It will undoubtedly impact your SEO ranking.

Key takeaways

That’s a wrap! At the beginning of this blog, you might think why you need dedicated hosting. But after looking at the various benefits this hosting offers, you might be convinced now. So, buy dedicated server if you want to focus more on your core business instead of wasting time dealing with security and other issues.