How Magento ECommerce Development Helps in Business Expansion


Magento is a very familiar and helpful name for the merchandise and owners of almost every e-commerce store or website. This fantastic platform was developed back in 2007 and released just after a year in 2008. This platform is only touching the sky that supports more than thousands of websites in the present virtual medium from that year. 

At the present time, in 2021, Magento has a market share of 1.4%, totally that belongs to CMS or content management software. With its growing popularity, many Magento developers UK are ready to rescue in every situation.

There are more than 100,000 websites in which Magento is supporting almost 32% of them. Although, there is no doubt that Magento is the most sought-after e-commerce platform throughout the world, it is the most durable, successful, and well-known platform for the development of e-commerce apps. It is open-source, highly configurable, and perfect for multiple e-commerce solutions at every scale worldwide. 

As per reports of Forrester’s Q3 study, it is a B2B leader for medium-sized companies. Thus it becomes crucial to hire some expert e-commerce development UK-based companies. Magento always astonishes the developers with its exciting facts. Please continue reading to explore some of them.

Eight exciting facts regarding the Magento platform

  • Management of catalogue

The web applications based on Magento can set fair prices for every group of customers and retailers and wholesalers. The prices vary as per the purchase frequency. With the help of this, the owner can easily manage and maintain their catalog of available products of your app that offers numerous categories and subcategories. 

Magento web applications smoothly manage single product display, bundled display, and configurable display depending upon their size, color, design, etc. Magento offers an effective Admin panel that enables the applications of group updates and saves plenty of time.

  • Support multiple languages

Magento is the third most popular e-commerce software that has created a buzz in the e-commerce market. Magento application attracts the audience all over the world as it supports languages all around the world. This fantastic web application is able to interface content, images, graphics, and banners of the e-commerce store. 

After the interface, these pictures or graphics can be converted into any language as per the requirements of the users. Due to its support of multiple languages, Magento ensures high revenue and ROI.

The voice search feature of Magento also supports multiple languages that make this web application more convenient for the customers to find what they want from an e-commerce store without any constraints and hassle.

  • Multiple ways for Payments, Checkouts, and Shipping

The payment methods on any e-commerce store affect its sales and traffic. That is why people either abandoned their payments or made frequent purchases on any website. In Magento, one of the best features that it offers is one-page checkout functionality. 

This feature is successfully integrated with payment gateways by supporting different payment options to the customers. It allows customers to use their favorite as well as convenient payment methods to make a purchase.

You will also get an additional checkout feature in Magento. This platform is laced with advanced features of free shipping and shipping to various addresses within a single order. The store can attract more and more users to grant them a never-before online shopping experience.

  • Customization

Customization is the most interesting fact about the Magento app, as this offers infinite possibilities for customization of your e-commerce website by an advanced feature-rich interface. With such features, the owner can edit its CSS or HTML code directly. 

Magento application gives complete control over the functionality, appearance of the website, and infrastructure of your online store. Also, the theme cost of Magento may cost 0$ to 499$.

  • Support various currencies

The share of the Magento market has increased from 9% to 13% in the year 2021. Another beautiful advantage of Magento is that it offers support to multiple currencies. This is how the owner can expand their business throughout the world and attract their customers leaving behind the stress of currency conversion by the customers. This way, the owner can compete in the worldwide market

  • Broad community

There are 2,40,000 users of the Magento platform in this group that fulfills the requirements of multiple e-commerce companies and stores. Due to its popularity, there are millions of certified developers in more than 35 countries. However, this data continuously increases every day and offers support to manage significant opportunities for solid business connections.

  • Management of marketing and multiple stores

The best part about Magento is that they have some fantastic tools for marketing and multiple technologies that promote businesses most simply and effectively. The owners of any e-commerce business are allowed to create a customizable and personalized interface and productive display of products and real-time intimations with the help of the Magento web app. 

In spite of this, the developers can also add multiple shopping stores within a single platform by adding thousands of catalogs and millions of products to create a fantastic shopping experience for the customers.

  • Altered Permission for security

By using Magento, your website becomes able to utilize multiple levels on the request of various security permissions to build a secure app. One of the most critical standards that Magento uses is PCI protection and the second no. is lock prompt to add security against undesired and unverified usage of Magento development.

Final words

9.5% of the Magento websites are only situated in the United States. Magento is a sea of numerous advantages for businesses, like designing apps that are best for the company’s requirements and constructing an online shop for the e-commerce business. 

All its features make it essential to focus on Magento development and e-commerce development UK. So what are you looking for? Get yourself some expert developers and see your rising business with your eyes.

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