Social Media Marketing:Instagram or Twitter Which is better

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Twitter and Instagram are two different social networks that are quite popular these days. For users, they may have benefits and advantages, but for businesses, both have pros and cons.

Several years ago, Twitter was better than Instagram. Now Instagram has emerged to be a better option. All social media handles are important for free or paid promotion.

This article explains the main differences between Instagram and Twitter for businesses.Continue reading if you want to know which one of these platforms is good for your business’s promotion.

Instagram and Twitter By the Numbers

Both Instagram and Twitter are popular social networking platforms that are mostly used through their mobile apps. Twitter was founded somewhere around 2005 and Instagram was started in 2009. Nevertheless, Instagram took the lead in terms of daily active users.

When it comes to original content sharing, Instagram may be on the top but Twitter leads in the overall content sharing department. Some statistics reported by have been illustrated below.

Twitter Statistics

Twitter has 316 million monthly users and about 80% of active its users are on mobile. More than 77% of Twitter users live outside of the US and over 500 million tweets are sent every day. For advertising, Twitter is one of the top social platforms.

Instagram Statistics

There are more than 400 million monthly active users on Instagram and over 40 billion photos have been shared on it so far. More than 80 million photos on average per day and it has over 3.6 billion likes per day.It is one of the top social platformsfor advertising.

The audience on Twitter and Instagram

One of the reasons for comparing Instagram and Twitter is that they both have similar audiences. The age brackets that are more active on these two platforms are identical. Mean to say, the demographics of their audiences are similar. 18-29-year-olds are higher in numbers and 50+ people are lower in numbers. College and university students are more likely to use Twitter and Instagram.

This group is the most active and that is why this user base drives social media growth in general because. The individuals and businesses that want to target college and university students that are between 18-29 years of age, you should be using Instagram and Twitter. It is interesting to know that the gap between the percentage of male and female users is not wide.

User Engagement Twitter and Instagram

When it comes to talking about user engagement, Instagram appears to be a better place than Twitter. Through its main focus on mobile devices and brevity of posts, Instagram acts as a magnet for its users. The response rate for Instagram notifications is also higher than the response rate for Twitter notifications. Both platforms are fighting spam messages that people send in different forms.

Instagram is mostly used through its mobile app for different mobile operating systems. That is why it keeps people engaged. Twitter has a significant number of desktop users that can be distracted due to the bigger size of the screen. The sharing of link to other websites take people away from Twitter when they are using it from desktop or mobile.

The functionality of Instagram and Twitter

One thing is good about Twitter; it is more open and it allows people to share what they have to share. The more people and organizations you follow, the more content your timeline will have. Twitter is a kind of content distribution tool and Instagram is more useful for those who have their own thing to share. Twitter users also share original content but the percentage is lower than Instagram.

If you want to benefit from the latest trends, you need Twitter. If you want to promote anything without following the trends, you need Instagram.

Final Verdict On Twitter vs. Instagram

All of yoursocial media handles are important for routine posts and advertising. You can target a different type of audience on different social media websites.

You have read that both Twitter and Instagram can be beneficial for businesses of all sorts. In the end, we can say that a business should use an advertising platform that appears to be useful.

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