Tips To Select the Players for IPL Fantasy League and Win Rewards

IPL Fantasy League

Today’s scenario, cricket is one of the most desirable games. When it comes to cricket people feel so fascinated whether it is in real life or fantasy game. Cricket is a sport that gets the whole nation together. What if you got to know that you can win cash by playing cricket, isn’t it interesting?

There are many online fantasy cricket games where you can participate in different matches and win real cash. Different types of tournament matches can be played on the fantasy cricket websites. Indian Premier League (IPL) is a game where participants make the IPL team online and win cash awards if they manage to win the tournaments. IPL fantasy league app download is the first thing you need to consider if you want to play. To download the app you can register yourself on the official website. Afterward, you will get the link to download the app.

Then you need to select players for your IPL team when the app is downloaded. These players should be chosen wisely because all the players are going to play for you and their overall performance will decide whether you won the match or not. So, you need to select players wisely for your IPL team.

If you know about cricket then you can select players according to your own experience. Or if, even you don’t know anything about cricket you don’t have to worry. Guidelines are given for all the participants on how to play the game.

Your team’s performance will decide whether you win or lose. So, it is important to choose the players wisely. Here are some tips that will surely help you to choose the players for your IPL team.

  • Select the players based on their past performance: While making an IPL team for fantasy league the selection of the players must be done according to their past performances. The selection should not be made based on their status because a player with high status may have bad past performances. 
  • Understand the nature of the pitch: Pitch can affect the player’s performance. Because in a flat pitch, batsmen can play well. So, you should select a maximum number of batsmen in a flat pitch. If it’s a bouncy pitch, then the number of fast bowlers should be high. Because bouncy pitch suits the fast bowlers. Now, it is clear that the performance of the players depends on the pitch.
  • Every player should give contribution throughout the match: Each player’s contribution and performance is important in a match. Only those players need to be selected who are going to give their performance in the match. You should not select extra players who are not going to play in the team of 11.
  • Select the captain & the star player wisely: In the IPL fantasy cricket league, the captain and the star player get 1.5 x and 2 x points respectively. That’s why these players should be selected wisely. One of them should be an all-rounder. If you manage to utilize their performance you will get maximum points and these points will let you win the league.
  • A balance should be there between the experienced and non-experience player: In your team, the players don’t need to be the experienced ones. Because the experienced players can give a bad performance. On the other hand, young players have great experience in playing domestic matches. So, you should select experienced players as well as young players for your team. This will maintain a balance in your IPL team.
  • Choose the best batsmen for your IPL team: We know that batsmen play an important role in the match. You need to choose three to five batsmen your team. All these batsmen should be the best ones. The batsmen need to be selected that will have enough time to play on the ground and score better. They will help you to give the best returns for your team and also help you to get one step closer to the winning.
  • You must select the bowlers who are good at taking the wickets: For your IPL team, the selection of the bowler is important the same as the selection of the batsmen. The bowling attack of the bowler will help you to earn extra points. Most of the time bowlers get picked who have a good economy rate. But you need to understand that to earn extra points the bowler should take the wicket. Otherwise, the good economy rate will not help you to get points. If you manage to score maximum points throughout the IPL league you will be the winner. This winning completely depends on the player’s performance.
  • Compare player’s performance before selecting them: We are making an IPL team to win the league. Your team’s performance will help you with this. So, you need to pick the players who are playing well in their previous matches. You need to compare the performance of the players so that you don’t find it difficult to pick the players.
  • Earn extra points based on team performance: During the match, who played well will help you to earn extra points. For example, wicket-keepers who catch or stump the ball or the fielders who catch the ball, such players help us to earn extra points for our team. So, analyze the performance of the players then pick them.

Hence, cricket is becoming popular day by day. Nowadays, different types of applications are available where you can play cricket and win rewards. Many websites made fake promises to give rewards. So, beware of such websites and download the best app for IPL fantasy league. Afterward, you need to register yourself and make an IPL team. Everyone wants to earn some extra money. But if you can earn money just by playing your favorite game, it is the best thing that can happen. You can get the app from the website. Then start making your team. Your team’s performance will decide whether you win or lose. The result will be provided at the end of the match.

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