How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile


There are many ways to answer this question- who viewed my Facebook profile? Most users are interested to find out who are all these people that are trying to look at their social profile. So, how to see who viewed your Facebook profile?

There are several ways to answer this question- the most common is by logging on to Google Chrome. This is a free application which runs on the computer. By logging in to the Google Chrome website, you can use this free tool to see who has visited your site through the social media network. If your Facebook account is linked to the same domain as the Google Chrome browser, you can just go to the settings and then click on ‘Google’. This will bring up a new window with a brand new tab.

There is another method to identify the visitors of your site through the Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar is an application which can be installed in any web browser. Just click on the ‘Google’ icon and then click on the ‘Search’ option. This will bring up a new window with a search box where you can enter a search term. In the event that you have signed up for the Google playbook file, you will also see this logo on the right side of your browser.

Another way to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile is by visiting the official Facebook site. The Facebook home page is normally displayed in a green background. If you are on the top right corner of the home page, it means that the site is currently loaded. In case, if you cannot see who has viewed your profile, you can simply click on the link named ‘profile’ and open it. On the left hand side there is a button called ‘Who’s Here’ and you can click on it.

If you would like to browse through all the people who have signed up with the company, you can simply click on the ‘People’ option at the bottom of the page. In this window you will find various categories under which you can click on the name of the person who is registered with the site. For example, under the category of Company you can click on the link for workplace and then click on it. Once you click on the ‘Workplace’ link, you will be able to see the people present in the workplace.

How to see who views your Facebook profile is not at all difficult if you know how to read the profile description. For example, if the person has written something about ‘building websites’, you should notice that he/she mentions a particular company which is building websites for other companies. This can be seen as a reference point by which you can easily access the profile of the person who has written the article. This way, you can know who the person is and if you want to contact him or her, you just need to click on the ‘send email’ option from the main page and send an email asking the person to fill in his/her e-mail id and other details about himself/her.

The main advantage of knowing how to see who views your Facebook profile is that it helps you check out how many people are following the person you are following. This is very useful when you want to attract more people to your page or the business page you are running. This can help you gain new clients and thus grow your business. So what are you waiting for, login into your account and view it now!

So, now that you know the answer to the question how to view who views your Facebook page, what other information do you want to see? The most important information is the profile image and description of the person who has written the page. If you are looking for a business contact, then there is a section where you can view the business profile of the person. This helps you to easily find out whether the person is following you or not. If he/she is not, you can go ahead and block him/her!

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