How Professionals Clean Mosses in Milton Keynes

How Professionals Clean Mosses in Milton Keynes

Mosses can be present on your roof at any time of the year, especially if roof cleaning has not been done in the last 6 months. However, you are most likely to see them growing during the rainy season, as they love moisture in the air as well as shaded areas. In the long run, they can be harmful for any roof structure. 

Why mosses are bad for roofs

Mosses are responsible for severe damage to the structural integrity of a roof, when not cleaned for several years.  Apart from its destructive properties, it certainly doesn’t look pretty while in full glory, and it doesn’t produce flowers either. By absorbing moisture on the roof and in the air, it establishes roots and starts a gradual process of roof degradation. Along with bacteria and molds in a damp environment, it can result in holes on the roof and may cause leaks into your home as well.

How to stop mosses

If you are thinking about putting an end to the growth of slimy mosses, it is time to begin looking for roof moss cleaning services. Expert professionals from such cleaning companies will use the following methods to removes mosses-

  1. Pressure washing will first get rid of the major moss growths, after which it will be scraped off using hands
  2. Some of the professionals may wear protective gear and get rid of the mosses using bleach. They dilute the chemical and apply it in a manner such that it does not damage the roof’s tiles.
  3. Tree branches around the roof may have to be trimmed in order to minimize moss growth
  4. Zinc strips are also helpful in preventing future moss growth. It is also safer than the use of bleach.
  5. The professionals will free your gutter and your roof from leaves and sticks

Roof replacement is very expensive

If you start searching for the price of a new roof in Milton Keyes, you will realize that the cost is very high. Compared to replacement, regular roof maintenance goes a long way in keeping the area in good condition. In addition, if you plan to put your house up on rent or even wish to sell it, high quality roof maintenance would definitely be able to meet the requirements. 

Ventilate your attic

The condition of your attic is responsible for determining the state of your house’s roof. As a general rule, the attic must be kept well insulated and ventilated. Proper ventilation will prevent the build-up of condensation on the decking which supports the shingles. Effective insulation will prevent warm air from escaping and melting the snow on your roof. When this snow refreezes, ice dams are formed, which could eventually result in a potential roof collapse. 

Ascertaining the life of a roof

Roof maintenance professionals will need to know when your roof was installed, for them to give a realistic estimate of how many years it will last. Most new roofs come with manufacture warranties of 15-20 years. Different elements such as installation, foot traffic, weather, slope, composition, as well as the building’s interior conditions affect the life of a roof. 

If you really wish to find out if your roof is close to the end of its life, you will need to lookout for a variety of indicators. For example, if it is asking for repairs every other month, it could be a warning sign. Leaks could mean two things- repair at an early stage and replacement if the repairs do not work. 

A roofing maintenance contractor may need to be summoned twice in a year. For his workers to get a realistic idea of previous maintenance, you must prepare a file with records of all past inspections, original building drawings, repairs, and warranties. In order to get maximum life from the roof at an affordable cost, it is vital to have accurate records of roof maintenance. 

Roof coatings

An already completed roof can be better protected from the elements of nature by giving it an extra layer, which is known as a roof coating. The most common material used for preparing roof coatings is silicone, which is capable of sealing all the roof leaks at once without having to repair each one individually. Also, since silicone has minimum VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels and is solvent-free, it is an eco friendly material.   

Benefits of roof coating

  1. Greater roof lifespan– It increases the life of your roof in many ways, a couple of them being the reduction of the effects of the sun’s heat and UV rays
  2.  Less energy usage- The roof coating efficiently covers the top of your home, better than your roof without it. This decreases the cooling efforts needed by your HVAC system, and lower energy bills.

For application of the roof coating, it has to be prepped first. After initial inspection, pressure washing is done to remove the debris. A primer is applied before putting the actual roof coating.  

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