Updated Essential Features of a Classifieds Mobile App

Decades ago, people used to rely on the directory named ‘Yellow Pages’ for availing different services. Today, those directories have been absorbed in the digital era as the internet has become an inextricable part of our lives. Moreover, people are empowered with the optimal use of technology. The introduction of classified ads has made it easier for us to search and acquire services locally.

Today, classified ads portals are a prominent choice for people. Many entrepreneurs turn to the modern classified ads portal because of their features and different models. A majority of entrepreneurs and small scale businesses are turning to classified ads portals because it is created for free, any product/service can be listed for sale, buyers can easily view the product for sale without registering, and they can directly contact the seller. Let’s proceed and understand how ads portals generate revenue.

The Revenue Generation

The membership subscription is the most common method for spinning revenue. It is a simple business model where buyers and sellers meet for business. There are other top 3 revenue generation modules that are widely used. Check them below:

  1. Google Ads

Google ads are widely used for generating revenue. Many classified ads portals place their adverts on Google. With this, adverts can be placed either on the homepage or product page depending on the preference. It clearly means more products, more ads, and huge revenue generation from Google Ad-sense.

  1. Paid Options

Some classified ads portals also use paid options for enhancing visibility. For this, the user requires buying a package from a website development company. This is widely practiced across the globe for generating revenue.

  1. Business-Oriented

Many businesses want to advertise on the web and get highlighted, this module is suitable for them. For this, different plans are available and can be acquired for advert display on a particular space on the web. The advert banner would remain static and do not move from the specified space. 

It is important to remember that a classified ads portal works locally. Hence, it becomes easy to set and achieve the target audience.

The Homepage Features

Admirers of a pretty face exist only in Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and social media bogus. In the real world, people give preference to a beautiful face and the same happens in the digital world. With a poorly designed homepage, your website wouldn’t be able to respond considering the competition. But this doesn’t mean that the homepage should be over-embellished. Its banner should carry the message precisely. The features should be like:

  • Different Ads-Different Sections

Most recent promotions can be recorded in various areas with the usefulness to change the classification. This will help the client in rapidly finding advertisements generally applicable to him.

  • Premium Adverts

Clear a path for premium promotions on the landing page. This will help produce a common stream of revenue. Include such an area of premium advertisements on your grouped site’s landing page to make extra dollars without hampering the user experience.

Features for Sellers

The classified ads portal should be less complex. This will help in posting the advert easily. Given below are some tips for conceiving a flawless frame of features to be incorporated.

  • Posting an Advert

Posting an advert requires certain things on the form that should also be available on the website. The following should be included:

  1. Advert title
  2. Image uploading section
  3. YouTube video-clip link section
  4. Description of the product/service
  5. Status of active deals and discounts
  6. Additional options for payment
  7. Complete contact details
  • Mobile Verification

It is a must to verify the account of the user posting an advert. This process can be carried out through OTP-verification sent on the registered mobile number.

  • Advert Tool & User Profile Management

As soon as a seller pins a product on the website, the dashboard provided can be used for managing all adverts easily. Its highlights include:

  1. Addition, deletion, and promotion of the posted advert
  2. Tracking the number of views received by an advert
  3. Complete record of the reach of an advert and user engagement

Features for Buyers

Now, let’s see how your classified website should appeal to all its buyer-visitors.

  • Search Feature

The search feature is the spine of the classified ads portal that holds the frame. It should include the following features:

  1. Prompt suggestions
  2. Category suggestions along with keywords associated 
  3. Search option for a specific range
  4. Location filter option
  • Favorites & Saved

By incorporating this feature, web designers designing classified ads portal can alleviate the hassle of people. Adding this would help them in saving the adverts that they’ve viewed and saved for future purposes. Its incorporation would eliminate the need for searching again & again.

  • Incorporating Location 

By adding the feature on the homepage, the user will be able to locate the position of the seller easily. It is essential to add the location feature that can eliminate the spam.

  • Reporting Classified Adverts

 It is not easy to determine the fake & suspicious classified ads on classified ads portals. Hence, designers should add the feature of reporting classified adverts. A majority of classified ads portals in India use this feature for weeding the misleading or fake ads.

  • Client Support Section

Last, but not the least, the client support section is the Golden Brick that shouldn’t be missed. A user visiting your classified ads portal might face some queries and seek spontaneous answers for it. Hence, you should include CS section include bot-chat, FAQs, and chat with executive for offering a better user experience.

The Bottom Line

Classified ads portals like Quickr and OLX were just ideas that now stand as leading classified websites in India. Their features make them stand out from the crowd- right from the website framework to user experience! If you’re all set to start a classified ads portal/website/app, make sure you consider both sides of the coin before conceiving it. Follow the tips above and craft the app/website with no loopholes. 

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