How to master technical SEO: 6 areas to attack now

Optimizing websites, according to the latest technical necessities, is the essential aspect of search engine optimization. Websites that are technically advanced are more appealing to both users and search engines because of their accessibility and intuitiveness. Local SEO Packages offered by SEO experts include all kinds of technical tools for optimizing webpages.

  • Crawl ability and indexing

Safari Sydney advise that search engines always look for websites that have better indexing and crawl ability.. Google search control is used for checking the total number of pages indexed by a search engine. One can visit websites like site: or take the help of SEO crawlers like Website Auditor.

Resources that cannot be indexed

Google is now capable of rendering different types of resources, like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. If any of these cannot be accurately indexed, Google will not be able to find the pages properly and will leave them untendered.

Paginated content

Google recommends integrating single page content to avoid the presence of paginated content on web pages. Websites that already have paginated content purposely; no changes are needed as it serves as a tool to stand out in the crowd. 

Orphan pages

Orphan pages are defined as the pages that are present on a website but not linked to any other web page. These pages are usually invisible to the search engines, so it is essential to optimize websites to eliminate the presence of orphan pages.

Tips to avoid blocked content

Keeping a check on the robots.txt.file is necessary so that it does not obstruct important pages on the website.  Crawling tools help to understand the flexibility of different resources and its discoverability. 

  • Crawl budget

Crawl budget is referred to the total number of visits by a search bot within a given period. If a Google search bot visits of specific websites for 3.5k times every month, then the crawl budget of that website is 3.5k. However the algorithm behind the allocation of crawl budget is not known, there are two simple theories behind it

  • Total number of backlinks
  • Total number of internal links on a web page

Google now continuously keeps on tweaking its algorithms which makes it difficult to understand any specific logic behind the crawl budget. Now there is almost no relationship between internal links and backlinks in the crawl budget of a website. Backlinks serve as a means of increasing the crawl budget earlier, but now these methods do not prove to be beneficial.

Tips to improve the crawl ability of a web page

  • Essential pages of the website must be crawl-able and must not be blocked by other resources
  • Long redirect chains must be added
  • Avoid the presence of broken pieces that can obstruct search bot
  • Restrict pages with low SEO value
  • Maintain the efficiency of internal links
  • Structure of site

Interactive websites are likely to attract more traffic compared to older versions. The integration of a proper site structure and navigation help users find necessary information easily. It also helps bots work with important pages of the site. Following are the two most important factors to consider for enhancing the efficiency of a website


It allows search engines to discover specific web website with fresh content and interpret their architecture. 

Structure of internal linking

Most make the mistake of not paying much attention to internal links, but they help in improving the reach of the page and attract more traffic. Internal linking is also beneficial hot eating blasters that will show the site content for a specific field.

  • Page speed

Speed is the essential factors that determine the usability of a web page. Web pages that take more time to load cause a noticeable drop in user engagement and business. Google also ranks websites depending on the page speed, and from 2018 onwards mobile page speed is also considered as a parameter for ranking. Page speed insight is the most popular for measuring the speed of a web page. Along with technical advancements, Google also makes use of field data obtained from end-users.   

Tips for enhancing page speed

Design responsive sites along with direct type landing pages according to the requirement. Integrate uncompressed resources using different compression methods and the introduction of new caching policies compatible with Google recommendation.


Today a large portion of active internet users access websites from their smartphones Google decided to make the experience for mobile users even more intuitive and released mobile-first indexing in 2018. This factor was applicable for the majority of the web pages; it allows Google to crawl website based on its mobile compatibility. Websites that lack adequate responsiveness or proper design are also categorized under mobile indexing. 

Tips for improving compatibility

Create responsive websites that are compatible with all kinds of modern devices. Improve the accessibility of web pages by the inclusion of tabs, menus, Expendable boxes, etc. 

  • Structured data

Google is continuously modifying its algorithms so that users get a better experience while accessing websites. These modifications are forcing website owners to structure their websites accurately to stay on top of search engine rankings. Users now prefer to get necessary data and information with fewer clicks, and the websites are being optimized accordingly. Websites that incorporate advanced visuals, images, rating stars, video carousels, and reviews are more likely to get more traffic.

Tips to enhance web page appearance

Incorporate suitable themes and designs that will suit the content of the website. Implement structured data using a marker that will help in achieving higher rankings. 

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