Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Product Photography


There are approximately five million sellers across all Amazon properties, which means the platform is intensely competitive. Poorly-advertised products can become lost in the crowd, which is why you need stellar Amazon product photography. Professional photographers understand how impactful product images can and create stellar images that will bring in good revenue. You need to make the biggest impact on customers, which can be difficult on a platform like Amazon. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon product photography:

  1. Why is Good Amazon Product Photography Essential?

If you want to stand out and convert prospective clients, you need to have a good product page. Images are an important aspect of a product page because they showcase the item clearly and impress prospective customers. Here are some statistics to keep in mind:

  • People usually only read 20% of the text on the product page. However, they look at every single image on the page. 
  • Approximately 63% of shoppers consider product images more important than descriptions. That means they’re less likely to buy an item if there are no images on the product page. 
  • More than half of the consumers agree that images are more important than ratings or reviews.
  • People usually click on a product listing if there’s a compelling image.

These facts show just how beneficial Amazon product photography can be for your campaign. Good-quality images convey a lot of information and influence the customer’s overall buying decision.

  1. Number of Images 

Amazon allows sellers to post up to eight images on every listing, which is beneficial because it conveys a lot of information to the client. The primary image should always be the product on a white background. The primary image is the first product picture a customer sees when they click on the link. You can then include a series of creative and lifestyle photographs.

An experienced Amazon product photography professional will tell a story about the product through a diverse set of images. The product on-white pictures will showcase all dimensions and angles clearly because the item sits against a blank backdrop. It is the most straightforward way to provide information to the prospective customer. 

Creative in-studio images are different from product on-white images because they have a few background elements that add interest and convey a specific message. For example, if you’re selling a cutting board, you may want to place a few ingredients on and around it to illustrate its purpose. These images are more dynamic and can also help establish a strong brand presence. 

Lifestyle Amazon product photography showcases the item in specific, real-life situations. For example, a brand that sells dumbbells will want to have an image of a model working out with it. This style of photography conveys a specific message and highlights the purpose of the product. 

Different types of photography convey specific messages. If you want a compelling product page, it is a good idea to add as many images as possible to ensure your message reaches the audience. Professional photography is a good investment because it provides sharp, clear, and readable pictures for your campaign.  

  1. Amazon Product Image Requirements 

Amazon has a few technical requirements when it comes to product images that you need to consider carefully. If you don’t follow these instructions, your image may not show up in the listings. Here’s a brief look at these guidelines:

Main Image 

  • The image should be a photograph. Illustrations, sketches, or drawings aren’t permitted. 
  • The product should occupy 85% or more of the image. Make sure the entire product should be in the frame.
  • The background color must be white. 
  • The image shouldn’t have any additional text, graphics, or inset pictures.
  • The image should be well-lit to ensure the product is clear to prospective customers. Confusing pictures aren’t allowed.
  • Offensive, obscene, or pornographic images aren’t permitted. 

Additional Images 

  • You can have a more descriptive background in other images, but all of the background elements should be relevant to the product.  
  • Add elements that describe how the product works. Don’t use any images or text that aren’t related to the product in some way.
  • Image and connected props should take up more than 85% of the photograph. 
  • Close up, cropped images aren’t permitted.
  • Offensive, obscene, and pornographic images aren’t allowed. 

Format Requirements 

  • All product images can be in either GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), TIFF (.tiff or .tif),or  PNG (.png) formats. 
  • Amazon requires images to be at 1000 pixels or more. 
  • You must make sure the color mode is either RGB or CMYK. 
  • All product images must be labeled correctly with the product identifier number followed by the image extension. The identifying number can be Amazon ASIN, ISBN, UPC, JAN, or EAN. 
  • The maximum image file size allowed is 10 MB. 
  • The minimum dimension is 200×200 pixels. 
  • The maximum dimension permitted is 2000×2000 pixels.  

All photographs should be well-lit, balanced, and convey colors as accurately as possible. Deceptive images can cause problems down the line. An experienced Amazon product photography studio will make sure your images live up to the required standards. It is a good idea to keep up-to-date with all of the guidelines provided by the e-commerce giant. The company’s policies may change with time and images that were allowed before may not be permitted later. 

  1. How to Add Images

Once you have good Amazon product photography images, you need to upload them to the website. Amazon provides detailed guidelines on how to do this and you can easily find online tutorials that explain the process well. Here’s a brief look at options:

  • Use the product tool by going to Catalog<Add Products on your seller dashboard. 
  • You can also change, replace, or remove a photograph by using the Manage Inventory Tool. It can be found under the Inventory tab on your seller’s dashboard. 

Professional Amazon product photography will help you sell more products and establish a strong brand presence on a highly competitive platform. 

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