You’re using Google Slides wrong all along. Here’s why.


First, you need to be logged into Google. If you don’t, you’re using the wrong Google account. If you’re logging in with a Gmail account, you’ll keep the default privacy setting, “only me.” This prevents other people from using your account to access your slides. To fix this, click the Share icon and change your permissions. Afterward, if you want to delete yourself, you’ll have to ask the current owner of the slides to give you edit access.

Another thing that makes using Google Slides impossible is the lack of support for multimedia files. While the application allows you to upload videos, it can be quite troublesome. Luckily, Google has added a video option to its Insert menu. If you’re not comfortable doing so, you can share your presentation by sharing its link instead. Unfortunately, this isn’t a practical solution for mobile devices. If you’re trying to share your slides online, you should first upload the files to your Google drive. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to insert your pictures into your presentations.

Using Google Slides is free and easy to use. Anyone with a Gmail account can make a stunning presentation with a few clicks. However, you need to be familiar with the software. Making mistakes with it will result in a poor presentation, which will not be remembered by your audience. To avoid this, you need to learn the ins and outs of Google Slides.

Changing the default settings can make Google Slides unusable. In addition, if you have multiple videos and images, you should use multiple images on your slides. Toggle between video and audio files. After this, you should change the default settings to restrict access to “anyone with a link”. Similarly, if your toolbar disappears, restart your browser and use the same settings.

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Using too many images in your Google Slides presentation will slow it down. Don’t add too many pictures. A large image will cause your presentation to run slowly. If your images are larger than 2MB, you should choose a smaller one. This will save you time and money. If you have a lot of images in your presentations, use only the largest and most appropriate size.

Youre using Google Slides is too slow. This is why. When you are working with large images, you should keep them small. In addition, you should not use too many images. These are only used for your presentation. You should avoid importing too many images, since this will slow down your presentation. If you’re importing a large image, you should try to minimize its size.

Using Google Slides is a great way to create a presentation. Its user interface is simple and convenient, and most users won’t need to use any external applications. Rather, it can be a powerful tool for presentations. And its privacy settings are also a huge concern. By limiting the number of people who can view your presentations, you can be confident that your presentation will be private.

While Google Slides may be the easiest presentation tool to use, you need to be careful with your images. You should avoid creating slide presentations that are too large for your audience. These are too large. They will not look good on mobile devices. You should also choose smaller images. If you want to share your slides, use a URL, and don’t forget to include the URL to your presentation.

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If you are using Google Slides for presentations, you must be using the right file extensions. For instance, you shouldn’t upload large images. You should upload only high-quality images and avoid any type of unnecessary file extension. Moreover, the files you import should be smaller and more compressed. If you don’t want to convert your presentation, you should use other file formats. You’ll also need a downloadable version of your slide in case of problems.