WordPress plugins for your email marketing campaigns

WordPress plugins
WordPress plugins

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies in this sector. The reason? It allows us to be in contact both with people interested in our brand, and with those who are already customers.

Despite the fact that other tools have emerged with which the same objectives can be achieved, to this day email marketing is the great favorite for sending mass communications.

These communications are usually of a commercial, informational or educational nature. With what could be said that its main function is the acquisition and loyalty of customers.

Luckily, technology every day makes it easier for us to implement this, as well as other similar strategies focused on the area of ​​marketing and sales. As it happens, for example, with WordPress form plugins or those others that are used to get subscribers in a newsletter.

It is about them that we will talk next. We will take a tour of the main email marketing plugins that can be implemented in WordPress.

Let’s see which are the most popular and to what extent they can make our work easier!

WordPress form plugins

As you already know, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that exists among those who have launched (or are going to launch) a website on the market. And it is that the ease of adding new functionalities is one of its main advantages. Something that would not be possible without the acclaimed plugins.

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And when it comes to form plugins, it was not going to be less. Below, we present a selection of the most popular in order to implement an email marketing strategy.

➽  Contact form 7

It is one of the best known and helps us prepare forms in a practical and fast way. It comes integrated in some templates or themes that can be used in WordPress. And it is a free solution that incorporates advanced functionalities.

It is a WordPress plugin for contact forms that allows you to simply establish a contact channel between the user of a website and the person behind it.

On the other hand, it does not store the data of the users who fill in the forms. It only sends them through a notification so that the owner of the website can contact that person. If you are looking for something like this you will have to focus on plugins on newsletter and WordPress.

➽ Ninja Form

Another one that tops the list of the best WordPress form plugins is Ninja Form. You can easily find tutorials and usage information on the net.

It is very similar to the previous one. It is also free, but it includes some extra features that are paid for, as well as others that facilitate GDPR compliance.

➽ Gravity Form

And finally, one of the WordPress form plugins worth noting is Gravity Form. It is very simple, but it does not have a free option like the previous ones. That is, to use it you must make a small investment.

On the other hand, it has great support and added features that can be very useful, as well as avoid some inconveniences.

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Other WordPress plugins for email marketing

The email marketing plugins that we have mentioned so far are only used to insert a contact form on the web with the sole purpose that the public can contact the brand or people behind it.

But there is more. For example, the plugins that serve to enable the subscription to a newsletter or those that store cookies and that are interesting because they store information on aspects such as clicks or openings of your emails.

➽ WordPress newsletter plugin

Having a place to store the information of those contacts who are interested in what you offer on your website is a great advantage. Among other aspects, it allows you to communicate with them on a recurring basis and present your offers without having to invest in advertising.

But how can this functionality be integrated into a web page? Easy, through a WordPress newsletter plugin.

That is, through these small applications that facilitate the installation of new features. Some of the most popular are:

  • ConvertPro . With this WordPress newsletter plugin, you can insert a form the same way you design an image in Canva. Easy, visually and in a couple of clicks (without having to manipulate code).
  • Mail Poet. This other facilitates the comprehensive management of the entire process; from capturing the contact to sending emails and everything without leaving WordPress.
  • Mailchimp for WordPress . If you are looking for a WordPress newsletter plugin that allows you to connect this tool with the Mailchimp email marketing platform, this will be the best option. It is specially designed for this purpose.

➽ WordPress Cookie Plugin

And, to end this post, it is also interesting to review the best plugins for WordPress cookies:

  • Cookie Law Info. This plugin incorporates a large number of options in its configuration, and is easily integrated with the design of your WordPress theme. You can adjust where, when and how you want the cookie notice to appear.
  • Cookie Consent . It is another of the most downloaded plugins repository for WordPress cookies. It stands out for its ease of installation and use. As before, you can choose where you want the warning bar to appear.
  • Cookie Notice . It shares the previous advantages, but, in addition, it is fully customizable, compatible with other plugins and is optimized for SEO.

This is our particular selection of plugins for email marketing. We invite you to carry out tests and, later, stay with those that offer you the best results.