Why have a professional photographer in your business

professional photographer

The way of communicating has changed a lot in recent years. Now brands want to draw the attention of users and establish two-way communication.

This brings with it that more and more brands worry about their corporate image. In other words, they are more aware that they have to convey the correct image to their audience. And this is where we must stop and analyze… does the image you want to give correspond to what your audience perceives?

Undoubtedly, one of the things that leaves a mark on the user is the visual content, since a visual element remains in the user’s mind longer. In fact, users increasingly demand visual content because it entertains them, is easy to share and excites them.

Hence the importance of having a good photographer  if you are located in the capital or its surroundings, as is our case, because making this decision made us make a difference when presenting our work.

Advantages of personalized photography on your website or online store 

Regardless of the characteristics of your project, whether it is an e-commerce where you want to sell products or a corporate website where you want to give a professional image, it is important to have a specialized photographer to add value to your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

In addition to this differentiation value, these are the main advantages that you will obtain:

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1. You gain reputation and relevance

Both large companies and medium and small companies need corporate photos for their website. Given the boom of the digital age, today whoever does not appear on the Internet is as if they did not exist. But is it worth being online anyway?

Working on the corporate identity of a brand is key to conveying the correct message to your audience. And just the visual content is an element that also communicates and that must be taken care of.

For example, to convey the philosophy of your company, it is necessary to include photos of the facilities, the team or a portfolio of the work carried out. This will convey credibility and professionalism.

2. The rate of return decreases

In an ecommerce, the products you sell must enter through the eyes of the consumer. By not being able to touch the product, just by looking at the photograph, the user must feel that he has the product in his hands (although it is not true).

These quality photographs make the user choose the products they need with greater awareness. For this reason, not so many returns are made, since the photo reflects how the product really is.

3. You will get more range

A product with good photos will be shared many more times on social networks than a product that has badly framed, pixelated and poor quality photos.

Is it essential to hire a professional photographer? 

The fact of adding medium and low quality photos to your online store or your corporate website can put your brand reputation at stake and throw away all the marketing and branding work done so far. Therefore, it is necessary and essential to have an expert photographer.

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And it is that the results you will get with a professional photographer will never be comparable to what you will get if you do the photography work yourself.

These are mainly the reasons why you should hire a professional photographer specialized in e-commerce and corporate websites:

  • Advanced knowledge about color treatment.
  • Professional equipment to take the photographs.
  • Different frames with millimeter precision (close-ups and general shots).
  • Other details to consider such as lighting, backgrounds, contrasts and textures.
  • Application of photography in line with the corporate identity of the brand.

On the one hand, photography is important in the corporate sphere to present a company, its philosophy and history, in order to give a clear message to its audience and penetrate their memory, transmitting credibility and professionalism.

And on the other hand, photography is also a key pillar for those who have an ecommerce and want to sell their products; because without a good photo the return percentage will be high.