Why an SEO audit is essential to start any project

SEO audit
SEO audit

Your website is on the wrong track, if you have not previously carried out an SEO audit, you have been misusing your time and creating more errors in your web project.

But don’t worry about that anymore, since doing an SEO audit with Rafa Sospedra’s experience will help you and give you excellent benefits. The first thing we need to know is:

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit would be the equivalent of having a medical check-up or ITV, but taking it to our website, used to improve its positioning in internet search engines.

It is based on carrying out a total analysis that gives conclusions to the existing difficulties related to the lack of performance that could be found on your website, and being able to optimize it in any negative point that your website has a bad position.

There are many factors to take into account, among them they can be: spam, its content, WPO, loading time, the walls to navigate, etc. These are just some of the elements to take into account when reviewing.

Reasons to form an SEO audit for your website

Understand your competition

Executing an audit on the web allows you to explore new strategies for improvement, putting this into practice considering the formula of the competition would be the key to success.

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Through these, you will investigate your weaknesses and your strengths. Just as we could have a bad optimization for mobile phones, this can greatly affect the browsing rate of our website, as could having broken or fallen links, images that are too old, or that type of problem, could affect greatly the user experience.

It is an investment, not an expense

Carrying out an SEO audit will allow us to save expensive unnecessary money in the medium and long term, allowing us to obtain a better consumption of your resources, and restore many of the digital marketing strategies that you have been using.

Currently, there are many web pages that do not choose a good path, and through an SEO audit they will develop better marketing strategies without any failures that are directed towards your specific audience in the market.

Have an excellent position in SERPs

Google studies indicate that more than 25% of its users only click on the first search result. So your purpose is that your page is consistently on the first page of search results.

Through an SEO audit, you will be able to determine what are the obstacles that cross your path, and that harm the classification of your website, you must assess all the elements that affect it, starting with the loading time, the keywords or How is your interface configured?

Optimize the content

The information you have retained from the SEO audit will favor you beyond the technical level, since forming a plan for better content, which turns out to be more practical and concise, is vital for the survival of your website.

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It will allow you to fit in a better way, in the most recent changes that occur in the algorithm, leaving aside all that archaic system, which can even be sanctioned by Google.


For all the reasons that we mentioned before, your website needs an SEO audit, which will allow you to continue growing, in many ways.

And with the benefits that SEO consulting with Rafa Sospedra will give you, it will give your website everything you need to start emerging or get out of stagnation, optimizing and providing the best results that your website requires to have the necessary improvement.