Who can Trade on eToro Platform?


eToro is an online trading platform that has both manual trading and social trading features that enable customers to track, copy, and create their transactions, the financial trading activities of other customers.

eToro offers its services in inventories, currencies, commodities, and financial instruments through its electronic trading network so that it can monitor and position trades for its customers. Customers enable their transactions to be submitted to the eToro network, where they can view a variety of statistical aspects, such as the amount of revenue produced. Other consumers may then configure their accounts to follow these traders, in which case the eToro system would repeat each transaction made in the following accounts.


eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage firm with registered offices in Cyprus, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Israel, eToro has millions of participants in more than 140 countries. The main characteristic of this specific proprietary platform is the simplicity with which an individual client can participate in copy trading. eToro network involves investors who want to be copied and who obey risk-control laws. This availability then enables retail customer accounts to replicate the investing and trading practices of the most active customers, both dynamically and in real-time. 

It must be remembered that copy-trading in and of itself has no assurance of profits or losses. Utilizing professional resources and analyses on eToro, traders can monitor and transact in a wide range of financial derivatives. It has also created a groundbreaking long-term investment method called CopyPortfolios. CopyPortfolios are fully prepared investment portfolios consisting of either top platform traders or multiple financial instruments under a predetermined trading strategy. etoro review helps traders to know everything about this platform.

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Account Types

There are mainly two account types offered by eToro such as live account and demo account. There are also VIP accounts, Islamic accounts, and Corporate accounts.

Demo Account

Opening an eToro demo account is the perfect way to get started if you want to learn more about the financial market. eToro has a robust sample account that can help you get started with your foreign exchange business career. We have discussed every phase of how to activate your eToro demo account and start investing in the eToro demo account tutorial. It is a fantastic guide to help you take the first steps in a successful trading career.

Live Account

Opening an eToro live account requires only a few more phases than launching an eToro demo account. Your account can be opened and you can trade on your eToro live account in just a few minutes with the proper approach.

Islamic Account

The opening of an eToro Islamic account is a special field of great significance if you are an Islamic investor. In this situation, you need to open an account that is specified in compliance with the rules of Shariah law. With the Islamic account, no interest is imposed on overnight positions, and no fees are payable. eToro Islamic accounts provide you with whatever you need.

VIP Account

eToro also has a membership in the VIP club. Five levels are eligible for this program: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+, and Diamond. Considerably higher third parties will earn more incentives, such as industry research and live webinars for Gold members, no withdrawal fees and exclusive properties for Platinum members, a membership to Financial Times and passes to Platinum+ members’ sporting activities, and an invitation to the renowned eToro Diamond Gala event for Diamond members. All VIP members, including Silver members, will receive a dedicated account manager and a regular market review.

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Corporate Account

This can create a wide range of possibilities for your company trading account. If you are looking to open an eToro corporate account, there are several measures you will need to take to ensure that you have complied. It involves signing up with your company email to confirm that you have the finest potential access to your eToro corporate account.

Users of eToro

eToro can be used anywhere by anyone, as long as it is legal to do so in their nation. eToro maintains a list of nations where the site is restricted due to changes in the legislation that is in dispute with trading rules.

It implies that eToro cannot be legally used in the United States, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Canada, Cuba, Japan, Albania, Sudan, and Serbia.


eToro is a great forum for newcomers and seasoned investors who are particularly interested in cryptocurrency trading. Social trading allows customers to monitor the financial trading practices of other customers and to use the CopyTrader system to mimic everything they do in real-time. To facilitate this process, the eToro platform operates in complete transparency, showing the related data of each client, such as percentage benefit, hazard ratio, and purchase obligations. Indeed, eToro is one of the best platforms out there that you can use if you value protection, usefulness, and ease of use. Even if you’re involved in social trading, you’re going to enjoy eToro’s functionality.