What type of master’s degrees are available in Singapore?

master’s degrees

Choosing Singapore to obtain your master’s degree will allow you to study at some of the globally renowned Universities that are considered the best in the world. In this article, we will learn about some of the essential postgraduate degrees that you must study in Singapore and the different ways they can affect your career progression.

Master of Science in legal technology- this unique law degree offered in Singapore will allow you to specialise in the technological advancements within the legal sector.

Master of Science in information security and digital forensics – this postgraduate degree will help you develop identical abilities and sound knowledge related to cyber security.

Master of Science in computer science – undergoing this postgraduate degree curriculum will make you an expert at implementing software-based solutions and exploring futuristic development and design.

MSc in industry 4.0 – this master’s programme is focused on analysing technological disruptions to enhance productivity within workspaces, by keeping pace with the changing nature of the industries.

MSc in Accounting – This will bring you closer to the plethora of in-demand accountancy positions that businesses have stored for you, also allowing you to gain the ability to adapt to the technological and cultural shifts in the accounting field.

Master of Arts in logistics and supply chain management – This master’s programme will help you gain proficiency in analysing business challenges and resolving them efficiently.

Master of computing – this postgraduate degree module structure will allow you to gain practical insight regarding businesses dealing with a tremendous amount of data, enabling you to showcase a competitive edge over other candidates.

Master of Science in project management – This comprehensive module structure will allow you to develop solid management techniques and skills that can be applied in different industries for the successful completion of complex projects.

MSc in computer engineering – This programme is designed for aspirants who wish to specialise in areas within the computer department and help business owners transform brand strategies using digital platforms.

Master of Science in digital financial technology – this course will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of a broad spectrum of academic disciplines including artificial intelligence technologies, data analytics and cloud computing.

Master of music leadership – This is a flexible integrated master’s curriculum that allows you to get a good grounding of the societal need for cross and interdisciplinary competencies and collaboration, as well as keep pace with the rapid technological development changes.

Master of Science in business analytics programme – In this master’s degree will help you become proficient at conducting business operations related to supplychain management, healthcare, information technology, retail and finance, by using relevant data science techniques.

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