What qualification do I need for a career in hospitality?


It has been proven time after time that a hospitality management qualification takes your CV to the top of any pile it has been sitting under.

It opens doors for you to get your foot into the luxury business world and live your life king size!

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What should you study to kick start a hospitality career?

No matter your current location, earning a hospitality management degree in London will make you renowned across the world.

If you are standing at the beginning of a hospitality career, obtaining a specialised management degree can be a life-changing professional move!

We here in London strive to churn out the best hospitality leaders of tomorrow.

For ambitious students like you, our hands-on academic programs can help you reach the most creative industries out there.

Don’t just limit your ambitions to work as a hospitality manager but see your future self as a business leader.

The management strategies we provide that help you succeed are based on applied business study modules well-integrated into the course curriculum. 

This unique management programme firms your personality with the abilities you need to take the lead of global hospitality businesses.

From world-class hotels to high-end resorts, this hospitality management degree is truly a game-changer!

It combines academic learning with apprenticeship provides you with the operational knowledge you need to establish yourself in the luxury service sector.

By placing you in real-life hospitality settings we will try to figure out your ability to build a hospitality business, using practical challenges.

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Learn what it takes and the skills you need to make it a success.

You get to set new standards for excellence, be it in premium travel services or luxury hotels offering fine food and wine.

This is the sort of expertise that exceptional hospitality businesses look out for!

Explore the art of creating incredible customer experiences under the guidance of industry professionals.

Become an expert in the international capital markets by mastering the financial aspects of the hospitality industry.

You can move on to roles with luxury hotels or even real estate investment trusts.

Studying a hospitality management course in London will allow you to meet a lot of wonderful individuals, giving you a base to build an everlasting career!

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