What Are The Ethical Issues Of AI?


What are the ethical issues of artificial intelligence computers? Well, consider if you will that in the future humans may have artificial intelligent computers that are more intelligent than human brains. If you have a kid, you already know they can be taught to do anything. They can be taught to become a doctor, lawyer, stock exchange broker, and even a president. Will such computers have ethical issues as well?

Now then, what about a future with artificial intelligent computers? Will they have emotions? Will they choose to serve one person over another? What about other things such as money, sex, violence, or drugs? If we find such computers, what will be done with them?

In today’s society, we see human rights being taken advantage of on a daily basis. From slavery, to torture, we have been taken advantage of in a very cruel manner. Will this happen with these artificially intelligent computers? Who will be in control of these things? Will they be evil? What about the future of artificial intelligence in decision making?

When will we know this? When will someone decide that their rights were taken away in an unethical way? And what about when there is another wave of AI born which is smarter than human beings? Do you think that we will have another arms race in the future with these things? Are you scared of what might happen?

What about the future of crime? Will criminals be able to skip through walls and bypass security? What about self-control? What about the mind control of criminals? Will the future of technology allow some people to have complete control of your mind?

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Will we be able to control others? Will those with mental illnesses to be able to take over the minds of the common person? Are you scared of what might happen? Do you think about the potential problems with a supercomputer controlling human decisions?

What about the future of terrorism? With artificial intelligence computers, could we create a terrorist and make them obey our every command? Will there be more attacks on American interests in the future as our neighbor’s become closer to a nuclear weapon? What about the future of warfare? Will the future of warfare involve robotic devices that can shoot bullets or have blades razor sharp for hand to hand combat?

These are all great questions and if you are worried about the future of human rights and what to do when something bad happens, then worry no more. Today the future of technology holds the key to the future of mankind and you may want to be part of that future today. Find out what are the ethical issues of artificial intelligent computers and start making your own decisions about the future of humanity. Go ahead and make your decision now.

What are the ethical issues of artificial intelligent computers and will they affect you? There are many different ethical issues involving all aspects of the human endeavor. How will the ethical issues of artificially intelligent computers affect you? How will these issues affect your life? What are your personal opinions on the ethical issues of artificially intelligent supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence software programs?

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Will you be affected by the decisions that are made by these software programs? Will your choices affect the future of humanity? Will your choices affect your children and their children? What are your personal opinions on the use of this type of software? What are your thoughts on the idea of creating software that can decide your future?

Some people believe that we as individuals have the right to decide what we will do in the future. This includes what will happen to our software. Will our future be a world where everyone is in a computer? Will our future be one in which everyone has to sign a contract before being able to download software?

What are your thoughts? Will you be affected by the decisions that are made by these types of software? Can you imagine what will happen if you are not able to access a certain software program in the future? Will you lose your job? Do you want to lose your job over a simple decision of what you will be doing in the future?