Isohunt – Unblock IsoHunt – isoHunt Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021

Isohunt - Unblock IsoHunt - isoHunt Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021
Isohunt - Unblock IsoHunt - isoHunt Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021

Here’s everything that you need to know about Isohunt and Isohunt proxy 2021. We have covered all your questions related to Iso Hunt to have non-stop entertainment through torrenting. Yes, it’s a made-up word, sue me.

Well, We all use torrent services once in a while for browsing and downloading our favorite movies and web-series and games. But, some of us just use it daily to have our daily dose of entertainment, like me because we don’t have money for buying online subscriptions, sed lyf!! They have put subscriptions on everything today, and we are just too lazy to make more of those mail ids to get one month of free subscriptions.

So, here comes torrents to save the day. There are a variety of torrent services available on the internet, And if one torrent site gets blocked, we either use VPN, or we use their proxy, or we just switch to another torrent service. No matter what, we find are ways to keep things working.

But, do you also used to use Isohunt for browsing and downloading movies, songs, games, and applications? But, let me guess, now you cannot access it anymore?!! It might be because of the reason that Iso Hunt is blocked in many countries. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you with it. There are many other ways still available by using those efficient techniques you can easily download your favourite movies, games and many more other things you want in the much easier way.

What is Isohunt?

Isohunt allowed you to browse, download, upload movies, songs, web series, games, and applications. Iso hunt was one of the most famous bit torrent services. This means you can easily download your favorite entertainment stuffs including your favorite movies, games, videos, etc. by just following some quick steps.

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However, it was taken down by Motion Pictures Association, America (MPAA). MPAA claimed that iso Hunt violated copyright infringement. But, Iso hunt said that they never entertained such a thing. They always worked under the rules and regulations. They believe in the privacy and always followed rules and regulation at all places Nevertheless, in the end, Isohunt have to come to a settlement.

Why use Isohunt services?

Iso hunt torrent provided all kinds of movies, songs, series, games, and applications at one place. Iso hunt allowed you to upload, download, browse and surf all kinds of genres. It was an easy-to-use BitTorrent service. And, one plus side of using Iso hunt was that it had all the movies, games which were not available everywhere else on the internet. They were easy to find on the Isohunt torrent.

Isohunt updated their site regularly. They also provided subscriptions for more options for you to use more frequently. Iso Hunt allowed you to download magnetic links, torrent links, etc.

Iso hunt helped you to share larger files in lesser time. It provided free movies, series and games, and anime and applications in just one click.

Why was Isohunt blocked?

Isohunt was a torrent service site operating on a very vast scale all around the world. But, it is now blocked in most countries. Iso hunt was taken down on October 13, 2013. It was claimed by Motion Pictures Association, America (MPAA) that they hosted copyrighted movies and series. However, iso hunt denied such activity.

In spite of denying all accusations, Isohunt has to come to a settlement of 110 million US Dollars. might not be working after the settlement. But, was working. is a mirror site.

What is Isohunt proxy?

But, what is a proxy, anyway? It is similar like when you don’t go to college and take a leave. What do you do? You ask your friend to give your proxy, i.e., to mark your attendance. Similar is the online site’s proxy. Proxy just serves as a friend who just marked your attendance.

When a site gets blocked, and you couldn’t use it, you use its proxy. It serves the same services as the original one. But, mind it, it is not the original site; it just serves as one.

Isohunt proxy is a similar site of iso hunt. There you can have access to torrent files index. There you can download, browse, upload Movies, web series, games, and applications of all genres. is also an iso hunt proxy.

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Where can you find a working IsoHunt proxy?

Iso Hunt proxies are easily available on the internet. But, if you cannot access those proxy sites also, then you will either have to use VPN, or you will have to use another torrent service provider.

VPN is Virtual Private Network that creates your own private network and hides your IP address.

List of working isohunt proxy and mirror sites:

  1. co
  2. top
  3. info
  4. ch
  5. pw
  6. com
  7. net
  8. io
  9. com
  10. isohuntalernativemirror
  11. isohunttorrentmirror
  12. isohunetotherproxy
  13. isohunttorrentmirror
  14. isohuntmirrorsite
  15. isohuntthirdpartyproxy
  16. unofficialisohuntmirrorsite
  17. proxy
  18. ch

Disclaimer- we do not support any kind of piracy.

These sites can be used as an iso hunt proxy. From here, you can download, browse, upload and surf your favorite movies, series, games, anime, and applications.

How to unblock iso hunt content?

You cannot unblock the Isohunt content directly. For that, you will have to use Virtual Private Network(VPN). There are already a lot of VPN providers in the market.

Well, if you cannot use Iso Hunt, then you will have to use VPN. VPN (Virtual Private Network) will work as an inter-mediatory. VPN, as the name suggests, will create a free and safe network for your own and private use. It will hide your IP address and will show a new one at the onset. It will switch your internet service so that you can access your torrent freely.

VPN also helps you with security. If you find a site suspicious and they ask for information then, you can use VPN as it will hide your location and IP address.

VPN creates a secure link between you and the internet. So that no personal information is being misused, it is also used by people to stream blocked content. VPN also helps with the security issue. VPN does not let the hacker crack your system easily.

There are a lot of VPN service providers in the field. But, Here is a list of working and safe and free VPN software-

  1. CyberGhost Secure VPN
  2. TunnelBear
  3. Hotspot Shield VPN
  4. Hola Unblocker Free VPN
  5. Spotflux
  6. Betternet VPN
  7. SecurityKiss VPN
  8. Windscribe Free VPN
  9. Speedify
  10. me
  11. Solo VPN
  12. Atlas VPN
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Is it worth using Isohunt Proxy?

Iso hunt is blocked as well as it started decades ago. So, no matter if they updated their site regularly, a lot of options will not be provided by them, like new torrent sites.

Proxy, on the other hand, provides you all kinds of options and makes it really easy for you to upload, browse and download all genres of movies, games, web series, applications, and many more things.

So, yes, it will be worth it to use the iso hunt proxy. It will provide you all the options which other sites cannot. It is easy to use.

Alternatives of isohunt:

Well, if using VPN and mirror sites seems like a lot of work to you, and you are just lazy like me. Then, don’t worry! We got your back. You can use other torrent sites and have your entertainment without any interruptions.

List of alternatives of Isohunt and Isohunt proxy 2021-

  1. ExtraTorrent
  2. Kickass Torrent
  3. Rarbg proxy
  4. Glow torrent
  5. Yify HD torrent
  6. Otorrents
  7. 1377x proxy
  8. ARABG
  9. Porrlock
  10. EZTV

It is just easy to use another torrent site as it will be easier and time-saving. They all serve the same purpose of providing web series, movies, games, anime, and applications to us.


So, in conclusion. Isohunt was taken down in many countries, and yours can be next. But, no need to get depressed over it. It ain’t that big thing. We got you covered. Changing your favorite site after using it for a long period of time might feel a little bad. But, there is nothing you can do about it. So, either use an alternative torrent site, or you can also use Isohunt proxy and mirror sites.

Ain’t it strange that Isohunt was shut down for something they never accept that they did? What do you think? is this just another conversational marketing strategy? or were they telling the truth?

We have provided you with all working VPN and proxy, and mirror sites 2021. Use them and tell us how they worked out for you.

So, I hope you got what you were looking for. There was all the information that you needed on Isohunt and Isohunt proxy 2021. Go and enjoy your day and have your non-stop entertainment.