Types and tools to create custom animations

custom animations

Visual content is one of the resources that Internet users prefer. In addition, it has become a perfect complement to the text and you can find it on a web page, on social networks, in an e-commerce or even on WhatsApp.

But… what kind of images are now trending? Not long ago infographics were a real boom for users. Now, although brands continue to use them, it gives way to more dynamic visual content such as custom animations.

If you are interested in creating custom animations to better connect with your audience, you should first know what types exist to design the one that best suits your style. Then, you should know what tools you have to create your own custom animations easily and simply.

Types of custom animations

When creating custom animations, you should first think about what types exist. Well, you can create from:

  • Custom animated emojis.
  • Personalized animated cards.
  • Other custom cartoons.

Custom animated emojis

These stickers are being a boom in WhatsApp conversations. Apple was the one who invented these emojis or Memojis thanks to facial recognition. That is, these emojis will be similar to you.

Although only those with an iOS 13 and iPadOS device can create them, those with the Android system can also benefit.

You just have to have a friend nearby with the iOS system so that they can create personalized animated emojis for you. Then, this will send it to you by WhatsApp and you can now use it.

Of course, on Android it will not be an animated emoji (although there are tools that we will see below to create your own animations), but on iOS the doll will imitate the same gestures that the person makes on the other side of the screen.

Personalized animated cards

Surely, one of the resources you want to use to build trust with your customers and communicate with them is through card design .

You can create personalized animated greeting or thank you cards, which you can send to your clients on special dates such as a birthday, Christmas, Halloween or another special day.

other custom cartoon

In addition to creating emojis, there are other custom cartoons that you can play with. For example, if you have a restaurant and you have implemented WhatsApp as a communication channel for reservations with your customers, you could create personalized cartoons related to cooking and food.

Among the personalized cartoons that are most used in the business sector, are those of animals, images with text and objects. It will depend on the theme of the business in question.

Create custom animations: Tools

Now, now that you know that you can create personalized emojis, cards and other cartoons to generate more pleasant conversations and thus improve their confidence, it is time for you to take action and develop your most creative part.

These are the most useful tools for creating custom animations:


Freepik offers the functionality to create motion graphics totally free and without the need for design knowledge. This option is called Stories by Freepik .

Once inside, you will be able to select the illustration you want from that exclusive library, which presents a great variety of graphic resources, with up to four different styles.

  • Once you choose an illustration, you must first click on the upper right button Animate it!
  • Then, in the left menu, select the elements that you want to put in motion or change color.
  • When you click on one, go to the right menu and play around with the different effects. It is very intuitive!
  • To download your animations, click Randomize! and Export. And you can download it in GIF, video or PNG format if you don’t want animations.


This is one of the best-known free apps to customize emojis, emoticons, and avatars. The best thing about this app is that you can create an emoji from a selfie of yours. In addition, you can choose outfits, hair color and other characteristic details.

You can use it on both Android and iOS. And there are also other very similar tools like this, with the same function. These are FaceQ or Zepeto.

3.Render Forest

Renderforest has a very intuitive editor to create custom animated cards in a matter of few minutes.

You can choose from a wide catalog the template that you like the most and customize it to your liking. Before exporting it you can even add a music track.


This is a tool to create custom animations without knowing design or programming. In MakeWebVideo you can choose a template and start creating from it, including animated objects and many more graphic resources.

Before editing them, the price of each template will appear below so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. With this tool you can above all create animated videos, although you can also create logo animations.


If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, you must shape your brand personality, to improve interaction with your audience and earn their trust. One way to achieve this is by adapting to new formats and user demands.

Personalized animations will be a new tool to communicate with your client, to generate a pleasant, fun and informal conversation that will bring you even closer to him. So don’t miss out on these new trends and start creating emojis, cards and other personalized animated content , aligned with your business brand.