Twitter: what it is and how it works


Surely you have an account on this platform or heard of Twitter , unless you have lived in a cave in recent years. But maybe you’ve never used it personally or professionally, so if you want to start using Twitter, but you’re still not sure how to do it, keep an eye on this blog

Twitter is a social network , but like all social networks, it has some peculiarities that make it something different from the rest of the social networks available.

The premise of Twitter is simplicity and immediacy . If you want to post something, in a matter of seconds it will be available to everyone who has a Twitter account.

And in the same way, if you want updated information on a specific topic, you can use Twitter to find it.

The messages (Tweets) have a character limitation (280) so the information is concise and specific, being something more similar to the headline than to the article.

In short, Twitter is a system of short and instant messages that are spread immediately and globally among all its users.

How to sign up on Twitter

Before you start using Twitter you have to register on the platform.

This is important, since otherwise you will not be able to interact with the messages that are published, much less publish your tweets.

If you enter a Twitter account from a web browser, such as our account: , you can start browsing, but in a short time you will see that you are asked to log in or register on the platform.  The good thing is that signing up for Twitter is completely free and you only need a phone number or an email account to do so. To do so, you just have to access their website, and you will see that you have several ways to access:

  • Sign up with Google
  • Sign up with Apple
  • Sign up with phone number

It may be surprising that you can’t use an email account to sign up, but actually you can.

If you select the option to register with the phone number, a popup will open and from there, you have the option to change the phone option to the email option.

Then you just have to follow the steps indicated by the platform to complete the registration.

You will have to verify the account , since Twitter wants to prevent the creation of fake or spam accounts, so to show that you really exist and you are not a bot, you have no other option than to follow the steps indicated on the platform, such as, for example, verify that the email account with which you have registered is correct. 

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The language (jargon) of Twitter

If Twitter is characterized by something, it is by using its own jargon for certain actions that are carried out in the social network.

It is convenient to familiarize yourself with this “language”, since you will come across it many times if you are using a Twitter account.

It is very simple and easy to remember, and you may have already heard some of the terms somewhere, since some of the expressions have become so popular that they are used even outside the Twitter environment.

  • Tweet
    A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter. If you post a message on your Twitter account, what you’ve done is post a Tweet, or in other words, you’ve Tweeted it. the maximum size of each Tweet is 280 characters.
  • Retweets
    A Retweet is sharing a Tweet, usually from another user, on your Twitter account. In this way, greater visibility is given to that specific publication since you share it with all the followers that your Twitter account has.
  • Hashtag
    A hashtag is a label, a keyword that indicates the relevant content of a Tweet. This way you can find Tweets of the same content when a user performs. A hashtag is identified by having a hash sign (#) in front of the text, for example, “”#Axarnet” would read “Hashtag Axarnet”.
  • Follower and Following
    The followers are the followers of your account, that is, the ones who see all the tweets you publish and the following are the ones you follow, to see the tweets they publish.
  • @
    The at sign (@) is used on Twitter to name a Twitter user. If in a Tweet you put an at sign followed by a username, for example @AXARnet, the Axarnet Twitter account will receive a mention in your account, in the same way that someone “names” your Twitter user, you will receive it.
  • Trending Topic
    A trending topic is a current topic on Twitter at a certain time. This is managed by the Twitter algorithm, determining trends by the number of hashtags in messages sent and the time period in which they are sent.
  • Direct Messages (DM) You can also find it with the name of IM for its acronym in English. This is a message that can only be seen by the user to whom you send it, so it is not public. Direct messages can only be sent between users who follow each other. If you see something like “DM me” in a Tweet, it’s a private message.
  • Threads
    A thread on Twitter is a series of tweets linked (threaded) together to display information more extensively. Threads are created by the same user.
  • Timeline or Timeline The timeline or better known as timeline is where you can see the Tweets sent by the users you follow. Twitter also calls it a timeline.
  • List
    The lists were created to organize the timeline a little, since if you follow many users it may be difficult to find the information you are looking for. With lists you can categorize users into different topics to see only the Tweets from each list and not from all the users you follow.
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There is more jargon on Twitter, but these are the main terms and expressions that you will find the most in your day-to-day interaction with this social network.

How Twitter is used

The main feature of Twitter is communication, but in the widest possible spectrum.

The president of a country can have a Twitter account to inform citizens of important news, in the same way that the bakery near your house can have a Twitter account to inform the day’s offers.

Obviously, the two accounts will have different numbers of followers, but if you follow both, you will see the tweets they post on your timeline in the same way, access to the information will be the same, regardless of the importance of the account or the tweet. .

This is so because you are the one who decides who to follow and the topics that interest you, so you can filter the types of messages you receive.

If you are only interested in your Twitter account for the world of sports, you only have to follow user accounts that talk about that topic.

The same for politics, business, etc. and you can also use the lists so you don’t limit your account to a single topic and don’t mix Tweets on the same timeline.

The advantages and disadvantages of Twitter are quite evident. Any user, be it an ordinary person, a company or someone famous, uses Twitter in the same way.

Communication with the users who follow you is very direct , which is a great tool to communicate all kinds of information and the more followers the account has, the faster and faster your message will spread, which is always positive. On the contrary, being a two-way communication platform, any user can write negative things about a company, product or even unpleasant personal attacks.

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There are also many fake accounts or bots that are used to send spam or fake news, although Twitter is working harder and better to get rid of these types of accounts.  

Most common actions on Twitter

Now let’s see the most common actions you can perform on your Twitter account:

send a tweet

It is very likely that you will want to send a Tweet when you have your account activated and it is very simple. From the beginning of your Twitter account, you will see that at the top it asks you What is happening?

Just change this text to whatever you want to add and then tap on Twitter and your first Tweet will be posted. You will see that you have options, such as adding an image, a gif, a poll or even scheduling the Tweet for another time. 

Follow someone

To follow someone on Twitter, you can access their account and click Follow.  Or if you’re in a Tweet, you can click on the options and from there, you can also follow him.Keep in mind that following someone on Twitter doesn’t have to be reciprocal.

React to a Tweet

Another great feature of Twitter is that you can react to a Tweet sent by someone you follow. What you can do with a Tweet is:

  • Answer
  • retweet
  • I like it
  • Share

You can do this from the icons that you will find at the bottom of the Tweet. 

Reply to a Tweet

If what you want is to respond to a Tweet, it is also very simple, you just have to write your response in the corresponding section that you will find at the bottom of each Tweet.

Send a Direct Message (DM)

To send an MD, you must go to the messages section and from there, click on New message.In the window that will open next, you will be able to search for the user to whom you want to send a message and from there, you will find all the private conversations you have with any user. 


If you didn’t know very well how a Twitter account works, in this article you have found how to do it, at least using its main features. Of course, Twitter is much bigger and more complex than all this, it is a very powerful tool that, when used well, can be used in many situations.This is why both companies and individuals use it on a daily basis, either to publish their Tweets or to see the Tweets of the people they follow.