The e – commerce will remain trend for the new year 2020 and the winds, it will be for long. According to figures published on the Statista portal , since 2014 the number of online buyers has increased from 1,320 to 1,920 million in 2019. Likewise, the number of cyber buyers is expected to rise to 2.14 billion by 2021 , which represents more than 20% of the world population. Spain is expected to have the highest growth in e-commerce sales in all of Western Europe thanks to the rise of AliExpress and its competition with Amazon to dominate the market.

By 2014, there were more than 85,000 online stores in Spain . During 2019, e-commerce mobilized around 12,000 million euros per quarter (about 40,000 million annual invoicing are expected), becoming a fairly competitive market. The latter means that in order to capture the attention of the almost 25 million virtual buyers in Spain, an e-commerce must adjust to their needs and offer the best user experience taking into account the novelties with which we are received in 2020.

To tell you a little about the trends of 2020 in e-commerce , from The Social Media Family we have prepared a complete article so that you do not stay an inch behind and you can get the most out of your electronic commerce in this new year.

By social commerce, we understand the use of network-type websites such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter as vehicles to sell a product or service. This strategy includes the use of linkage tools with users such as likes , shared posts and retweeted posts .

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The statistics show that social commerce happened to represent 23% of the ecommerce in December 2018 to represent 31% in October 2019, and the figure continues to rise. This success is primarily due to the fact that social networks have the platform to offer quality visual content that allows the customer to better understand the product.

Recently, the “ Shoppable posts ” function (translated into Spanish as sales publications ) was introduced on Instagram , which offers customers a catalog of products in the social network window without having to leave it to consult it. In addition, with advances in Artificial Intelligence and using learning algorithms , it is now possible to show the customer such a catalog based on their tastes and needs, which (in theory) increases the conversion rate. In addition to this, in March 2019 Instagram launched the application “ Instagram Checkout”With which customers can specify the payment of their products within the same social network without being redirected to third party sites. This improvement encourages user reliability through this new form of e-commerce while making the experience easier.

Finally, the creation of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp Business have facilitated communication and direct relationships with customers by generating catalogs and content that can be sent personally to each user, streamlining customer service processes and shortening the deadlines sales process.

The augmented reality ( AR by stands for Augmented Reality ) and virtual reality ( VR by stands for Virtual Reality ) will be consolidated in 2020 as elements to improve the user experience, to the point of transfer to the client inside a virtual store without the need to leave your home.

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Thanks to the development and introduction of these technologies, customers have a greater chance to interact and get to know the product better before buying it, which translates into greater trust and commitment to the brand. Furthermore, it is now possible to fully exploit the “ Storytelling ” format , since we can immerse the client in a sensory experience that hooks them and identifies them with the product.

One of the most palpable examples of the use of AR and VR in e-commerce is seen in the Yamaha company with its application ” Yamaha My Garage “, through which buyers can virtually customize a 3D motorcycle model and later , using virtual reality glasses, examine the details with great definition.