Top 7 best link building tools

link building tools

Linkbuilding consists of the consolidation of a network of links to a web page from external influences, with the purpose of promoting the SEO positioning of the site within search engines, it is crucial to keep in mind that the most effective linkbuilding tools allow speeding up the process of eliminating having to do manual tasks.

What is sought with this strategy is the increase in visibility and visits to the site using quality references, for which the use of the best tools is needed, related to what is being offered.

It is important to note that it does not have to be a large number of links, because we must bear in mind that it is much better to have quality than quantity, at least when it comes to content marketing.

What are the best link building tools?

Next, we will introduce you to 10 link building tools to improve your link strategies:

Unancor, quality backlinks

If you want to increase the traffic that is directed to your website, without a doubt, you should consider using the Unancor tool , which is a paid linkbuilding tool with which you can get quality backlinks.

With this tool you will be able to acquire links in different digital media, in which both recognized newspapers and relevant blogs enter. Thanks to this, you will achieve that your website improves its organic positioning thanks to the transfer of authority.

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This tool will allow you to choose several options to create your linkbuilding strategy, one of them will be to buy a single article that links to your website, but you will also have the possibility of buying an article in a community way , being able to share your article with other people who want link.

Depending on the medium, the price varies, but you can find links for a minimum of 7 euros.

The SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

SEMrush is another of the best linkbuilding tools , which allows us to analyze the information of the competition in order to know which are the sites that link to those that are competing in spaces equal to yours. You can take advantage of it to compare your link profile with that of your competitors, in order to learn about link building opportunities.

To get started with this tool, you need to log in to at least four of your competitors’ sites, as well as your own . Press “search for potential backlinks” and all those opportunities from other domains that link to other sites except yours will appear.

In case your competitors have a stronger link profile than yours, you can bridge the gap and switch plans to get other links that they don’t have.

Google Search (Search Operators) 

Google represents the main of a series of link building tools that some experts in the field use in the search for opportunities, among which we have:

  • resource pages 
  • Selection of links
  • Journalists

To use the search operators it is necessary to do it in a very particular way. You will need to include special characters in your search to get specific results.

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tools and link building

SEO PowerSuite Tool 

SEO PowerSuite will allow us to obtain quality links, be able to carry out link building campaigns through a single interface , verify the status of your backlinks, control the SEO quality of the link pages, as well as verify that all the links contain the required anchor texts.

In addition, you can prepare reports where you show your growth and improvements in the link profile.

Open Link Profiler

One of the best free link building tools is Open Link Profiler , which is owned by the SEO profiler suite. With it we can obtain all the information about all the incoming links to a website. In fact, with its use we can obtain the following data:

    1. Link Influence Score: Which indicates the quality of the link from 1 to 100 to qualify it.
    2. Title and URL of the page.
    3. Anchortext. Phrase or word used as a link to your website.
    4. Url to which it links.
    5. Date the link was created.
    6. Number of links pointing to our website.

google alerts

Google Alerts watches when any word or phrase that one requires is mentioned. With this linkbuilding tool , you would be able to receive an alert of that word by mail, which can be the name of your brand, as well as your competitors and keywords.

In this way you will be able to be completely updated with the keywords that position you in your sector, thus allowing you to know all the media in which you are interested in positioning yourself as a brand.

It will also help you to know the current situation in your sector and will allow you to reinvent yourself.

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Ahrefs for link building 

With the use of Ahrefs we can control our competition and the links we receive, as well as visualize with which Anchor text they are linking us, IP, types of domains and countries that link to us, identify which are the most visited pages of your website, quantity of CTLDs (Country Top Level Demains) domains, in addition to the government (gov) and educational (edu) domains that link to us, as well as the types of backlinks by which we are linked.

Also, with this other of the best linkbuilding tools, we can see which are the new domains and the lost domains, detect broken links, and compare domains . With all this, we will be able to see if our link profile is original, know what words are used by our competitors, as well as be able to determine SEO actions avoiding some sanctions or penalties.

link building tools

Undoubtedly, link building tools help us design our website by getting link opportunities and making them more effective. Therefore, you should not stop using some of the tools presented in this post.

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