You’ll find ten easiest apps to manage your WordPress site on the internet, but how do you know which is right for you? There are thousands of WordPress users around the world, and there are some differences in how they use the software. There are WordPress users out there who are super lazy. They don’t mind if their posts sit in their inbox for weeks, and they certainly don’t mind if there are hundreds or even thousands of follow-up comments on their posts.

When they want something, they will go to Google or any other search engine and type it out. Then they will sit back and wait for the results, then hopefully they will take action on that desire. Some people are just too lazy to even start working on what they want to create, let alone create a detailed plan and follow it through until it’s done. Are you one of those people? Do you type out 500 posts in your spare time, or do you write five posts every morning to give your marketing efforts a kick start?

There is no need to sit back and complain about how hard things can be, because it’s actually really easy. First, become lazy and give yourself permission to not work. When you tell yourself to stop doing something, you have to physically do it. It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else, but it does mean you have to say it to yourself over again until it becomes part of your subconscious. This is one of the top ten ways to create income with a WordPress blog.

When your subconscious mind understands what you’re saying, it will start to guide your actions. It will tell you when and how much to create, and when to end your streak. This is why you have to direct your actions each and every day. Without it, nothing happens.

The next step is to create your list. You can do this through Google or some other search engine. You need to gather all your writing materials and put them in a basket. Once that is done, you have to go through the entire basket to see which ten easiest apps you can compile into a complete package. Again, don’t get discouraged, it only takes a few minutes.

The third step is to create your content. Write articles, blog posts, and anything else you can think of to create a consistent income. Your objective is not to make money, but to build a portfolio for future projects. If you create good content, then you can always sell that in the future.

Once you have your portfolio complete, you are ready to market it. Post articles on Squidoo, hub pages, and anything else you can think of. You have to get out there and let everyone know about what you are doing. Once you do that, you can see your profits increase. I would only recommend using article marketing as a top ten easy way to make money online if you already have a website or blog.

The last step to making money online is to test everything. If you have written ten articles, created a full website, and tested your articles, then you are halfway there. If you haven’t done any of these things yet, then you are going to need to find a proven system that works and stick with it. The final step in this article series will provide you with a review of one such system.

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