Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC


Here are 10 quick ways to speed up a slow Mac that will help you eliminate certain factors that are causing your MAC to be slow. So follow the guide discussed below and you can make your Mac fast easily.

Do you notice the lag in the performance of your Mac that is bothering you? Do you think about that why your Mac doesn’t work as well as when you bought it new? These won’t just be your questions, as every computer starts to fade in the case of performance after time of use and the Mac tends to be one of these too. While doing many of your day-to-day tasks, your Mac makes a lot of changes to the data it contains, which in turn slows down your Mac’s processing. This won’t be a huge slowdown, but rather a comparison that would be easily justified. Now you wonder if the slowdown could be stopped and therefore the Mac continues to run at peak performance. Although the slowdown could not be stopped, but in other ways, it could be combated by speeding up the Mac. Here in this article, We’ve laid out the quick ways you could speed up your slowed Mac PC and get its performance back on stage as it was at the beginning of use when you bought it new. To find out how, head over to the main part of the article below, read about it 

Top 10 quick ways to speed up a slow MAC

Below we have discussed some ways that will help you make your PC faster. So follow the following ways to proceed.

# 1 CleanMyMac 3

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

The first thing you should do is clean all junk data from your Mac to speed it up. To do this, you could use the great software or the application called CleanMyMac 3. If you run it on your Mac, it will erase all the data from the trash, but on the other hand, you can also select to keep your important files.

# 2 Quit the apps

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

Try to wait for your Mac’s hungry rendering apps to run out in Activity Monitor and therefore try to use these apps only each time and not with other apps that work together. This will help take the pressure off the processor and tend to perform faster.

# 3 Background apps

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

Wait for your dock to check the applications with the dot in them and quit these applications by pressing the right mouse button and then quit. These applications are the ones that consume the power or the processing of your Mac when performing their tasks in the background and you do not realize it.

# 4 Stay away at startup

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

If you feel that your Mac starts running slowly after logging in, then there might be a problem, your Mac has startup programs that start automatically after logging in. To close or reject these applications, just open the System Preferences and then click on the Users and Groups icon. Select your account and then click on the login items, uncheck any app if it is selected there in the list.

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# 5 Launch Agents

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

Using the CleanMyMac 3, you could also clean all the launch agents that run especially in the background and thus open such software to run in the background automatically. This would go a long way towards increasing the speed of your Mac, so remember to give it a try.

# 6 Reduce transparency

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

Using your Mac’s accessibility settings, you could set your Mac’s UI transparency and animations to a low level and therefore take the load off the graphics processor and image processor, which in turn time it would help to provide you with a much higher performance speed.

Web browser # 7

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

You just have to clean the garbage of the web browsers, remove all those plugins and the number of plugins if you use them with it and get your Mac to run faster. The web browser could consume a lot of power to handle resources and therefore you could speed up your Mac by decreasing the load on web browsers.

# 8 Disable FileVault disk encryption

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

This feature is enabled by default on the Mac to help secure your files, but remember that this can also make the Mac too slow at startups and during work times as well. Keep it disabled if you are not very strict about the security of the files on the disk.

# 9 Finder Speedup

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

While looking for files in the Finder, you just have to search through all the files that are set by default on the Mac, but this could also slow performance and cause a speed increase, so it is better to change the preferences so that look for only specific files in some windows or directories. It could be done through the preferences of your system configuration!

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# 10 Free disk space

Top 10 Fastest Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow MAC

If you have a ton of files and folders or data on your Mac’s drive and it’s close to its potential file storage limit, be aware that this could also cause a big difference in your Mac’s performance speed. Try freeing up a lot of your disk space and never let it get close to the upper limits.

And these were the ways you could quickly speed up the slow Mac and thus make it run like it was just bought. From the article, you have understood that the method is not too difficult or complex but any moderate user could apply it without problems. Now is the time to apply these methods and thereby optimize the performance of your Mac and make things run more smoothly. I hope you liked the method, don’t forget to share your opinions!