Tips for Using a Used iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

Not so long ago, Apple released its iPhone 13 lineup, which contained cutting-edge technology. However, it has been succeeded by the iPhone 14. That’s why people are getting used to the iPhone 13 Pro and enjoying their Apply ecosystem.

To improve the experience of the iPhone 13 Pro, there are a few tips you should know. If you want to buy a used iPhone, then you can get them from Wise Market New Zealand.

Tips for Using a Used iPhone 13 Pro

Here are some of the tips you’ll need to keep in mind before you start using your recently bought used iPhone 13 Pro. It will surely improve your experience with the device.

Keep the iOS Up To Date

Keeping any device up to date is very important to ensure that your device keeps on working properly. The same is true for the iPhone. Every year they push out the new iOS with tons of new features.

To keep your iPhone 13 Pro up to date, you’ll need to turn on automatic updates. This will ensure you have the latest security and feature updates available whenever a new one comes out. 

Protect It with a Password

Nowadays, it’s become very common for someone to snoop around your phone if left unprotected. It can become a great source of displeasure for the owner of the device.

That’s why ensuring that your iPhone has password protection can provide you with the ease of mind that you’ll need. Using a secure password (or a biometric identifier like Face ID or Touch ID) to lock your device so that your personal data is not accessible in case the phone gets lost or stolen.  

Do Not Disturb

Almost every day, we all receive tons of unnecessary notifications, messages, or phone calls. If you’re at work, you can easily get distracted, and it can affect your workflow.

That’s why make sure to use the “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid incessant notifications while using the device for work or leisure activities. 

2-Factor Authentication

It’s a security measure that requires users to provide two separate forms of authentication in order to verify their identity and gain access to an account, system, or resource. 

It adds an extra layer of protection beyond passwords, making it much harder for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access. Common forms of 2FA include using one-time passwords (OTPs), biometric verification (such as fingerprints or face scans), and physical tokens such as USB keys.

Setting up 2-factor authentication on your Apple ID can ensure that only authorized users can access your account information from another device after logging in with their own Apple ID credentials. 

Save Battery Life

Granted that a used iPhone 13 Pro has a very big battery at 3125 mAh, and after only a year, its health has barely dropped. However, saving a life can ensure that the health of the battery drops down faster. Since it’s dependent on the number of charges, it has gone through.

Battery life can be extended with a few simple methods. One of them is quite straightforward, which is using the “Low Power” mode, and the other is to use the “Dark” mode. 

The iPhone 13 Pro is among the best in terms of battery life when it comes to its dark theme on an OLED display. Another way to save battery is to adjust the brightness of your display.

Additionally, use the “Airplane” mode when you’re in an area with poor reception or don’t need internet access. It will help conserve your battery life as well as prevent any unwanted data charges. 

Getting Better Reception

One of the worst things, other than getting stuck in traffic, is getting bad reception on your phone. However, there is a counter to it. You can turn the “Airplane” mode on and then off. It will help you connect to the nearest tower to your current location.

Backup Your Files

With an iPhone, it’s very important to keep all of your data backed up to iCloud so that if you change your phone, you’ll always have your important files with you.

Now imagine that you just bought a used iPhone 13 Pro, and you can restore all of your data from iCloud.

Find My Device

In case you’ve lost your used iPhone 13 Pro in some crowded place. You can always locate it with the “Find My iPhone” feature.

You can enable this feature by going into Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and turning it on. It will allow you to locate your device. Just make sure you enable this feature as soon as you buy it.

Keep Apps Updated

Just like keeping the iOS of your iPhone updated is necessary, the same is true for the apps that you use on the phone. It helps to keep the phone running smoothly.

That’s why you make sure you keep all of your apps updated so that you have the latest versions with all bug fixes and security patches. 

Auto-Lock Features

Auto-locking is a very interesting feature that looks at your phone whenever you leave your phone unprotected.

So, use auto-lock to set a time interval, after which your phone will automatically lock so that no one can access it without your permission. 

Disable Location Services

Almost every app out there uses location-based services. If you need directions or a ride, it can be useful. However, it can also leave your location vulnerable to people who have malicious intent.

That’s why disable the location services on the used iPhone 13 Pro when not needed because you’ll never know when your privacy is threatened. 

Disabling Push Notifications

Push notifications from the apps you’re not using can become annoying. The best solution for such situations is to delete the app. However, there is another way to stop them without deleting them.

Turn off push notifications for apps that you don’t use often or don’t need them on all the time, such as games or social media networks.

Avoid Third-Party Accessories

Since you’re buying a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro, there is a possibility of getting scammed if you don’t buy from Wise Market New Zealand. However, even in that case, never use third-party accessories.

They can damage the battery’s health and can affect how long you’ll be able to use that particular device. They include chargers, dongles, handsfree, etc.

Keep the Device Clean

The longevity of the device depends on how well you treat it. If you never clean the device regularly or don’t use a protective case, it can give out on you pretty quickly.

That’s why make sure to clean off the front and back of your device regularly, as dirt and dust can interfere with normal operations. Such as, if dirt or water gets into the charging port, it can leave the device almost useless.

Sign Out

When trading in or selling your iPhone 13 Pro, make sure that you sign out of iCloud by going into Settings > iCloud and clicking the “Sign Out” option. 

This will ensure that all of your data is securely wiped before moving on to someone else’s hands. 


Please let me know if you have found any of these tips useful. Also, don’t forget to mention if I have left any out.

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