The importance of SEO tools for websites

SEO tools

Monitoring the health of your page on the internet through SEO tools for websites is absolutely necessary for its health and that it can be positioned organically without problems, thus standing out among the main competitors in your sector. Do you want to discover what these mechanisms are? We invite you to discover them in this new article on our blog.

The main SEO tools for websites

Among the most common SEO tools for websites that you need to integrate into your page, you cannot lose sight of the following:

Screaming Frog: detect failures On Site

Thanks to Screaming Frog you will be able to locate any error in your web page by means of a fast and efficient tracking of all your URLs. Likewise, this mechanism also gives you the option to inspect images, CSS code, JavaScript, linking and many more aspects. With this Screaming Frog guide you will be able to optimize your web page so that it takes a great leap in quality.

Crawlers: Google’s web crawlers

Although we usually talk about Google, there are more search engines to consider when working internationally. Crawlers are the trackers that each of these search engines have to identify broken links and other aspects that can be critical for SEO.

These are the most prominent:

  • GoogleBot (Google)
  • Bingbot (Bing)
  • Slurpbot (Yahoo)
  • Baiduspider (Baidu)
  • YandexBot (Yandex)
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Google PageSpeed ​​Insights: Performance and Load Speed

With Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights you will be able to have precise statistics on the performance of your page, as well as its loading speed. It is one of the SEO tools for websites that you should not miss when you carry out a complete analysis, since these two factors are essential to offer the best possible user experience (UX) to your visitors.

Google Tag Manager: External Link Tracking

Didn’t you know Google Tag Manager yet to be able to study and monitor the external links on your page? It is one of the most popular website SEO tools in the niche for web analytics. Measuring the number of clicks on them and detecting possible leak points on your page will help you reduce the bounce rate and improve the permanence of your visitors .

Cookie audit tool

Once again, Screaming Frog is one of the most common website SEO tools when you want to do a cookie audit . But first of all, you need to know exactly how to do it correctly, step by step. Auditing cookies is essential to comply with data laws and make users trust your page when they visit it, so you should not forget this important step.

We hope that by following these five steps you can monitor the health of your website, fix bugs and be a magnet for potential customers. In a very short time you will see how the results are numerically noticeable.