The Cost of Corner Store POS Software

Corner Store POS Software

Corner Store POS software also called Convenience Store POS  was created by professionals of the industry who have been tuning in to their local convenience storekeeper customers’ requirements for quite a long time. The effects of reviews gotten by the users verified an overwhelming interest in a point of sale software that is easy to use than most available.

Corner Store POS will permit you to ring up a sale effortlessly by pressing hot buttons on the touch screen or scanning barcodes. There is detailed tracking of inventory, employee permissions, shift reports, shift reports, and tracking of a customer with favored discounts. Significantly, there is integration with the leading credit card processors for secure credit and debit card processing.

How Much Does Corner Store POS Software Cost?

According to Wise Small Business, Corner Store, POS software’s price is $200 for one piece. Corner Store POS software is a great choice with an affordable price for a retail store that wants to ring up sales by scanning barcodes and acquiring a better tracking of their inventory. Also, to help reduce mistakes at the register by charging the right price and process credit/debit cards in compliance with the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. The POS software is a common equipment used in grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, quick-service restaurants, and bookstores.

Features of Corner Store POS

  1. It is a portable register software
  2. It is simple to use, made for store owners, and not a computer whiz.
  3. It can ring up sales, process credit cards, inventory maintenance, and print receipts.
  4. It is a single license with free remote install and training.
  5. Possesses a fully integrated credit card processing with no separation of terminals required
  • Corner Store POS can process credit and debit card sales with Mercury, USAePay, PayGX2, and NetePay Payment Systems.
  • Low rates with Mercury Pay
  • Possesses debit and credit sales with the ability to add gift cards
  1. Reporting of sales and analysis includes shift, sales, and inventory reporting.
  • You have access to the reports based on employee shifts.
  • You can compare the profits and losses to protects from inventory overcrowding.
  • And no need to guess your inventory purchases as it does all of that for you.
  1. It possesses a vast amount of sale functionality, increasing the efficiency of your business operations. This functionality includes
  • A quick search of items of customer lookup.
  • Sales Invoices, rentals, trade options, cash receipts, loyalty programs
  • Pricing features-Deposits options, taxable/non-taxable button, cost and price listing
  • Real-time information on inventory
  1. Minimum requirements for systems and capacities.
  • It can work on both 32 bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Also, it supports nearly all peripheral hardware for the Point of Sale system, including most thermal receipt printers, cash drawers, pole displays, barcode scanners, and card readers.
  • The minimum PC requirements are Windows XP Home 32B, Intel Celeron/1.5 GHz Processor (or equivalent), and 512MB of RAM.
  1. Purchase includes Corner Store POS download link, getting started manual, and a valid registration store Identification Number/password.

The Installation Process of Corner Store POS software

Corner Store POS software is easy to use as it comes with a remote install and free training. This guide helps install the software on your PC, be it a 32-bit Operating System or a 64-bit Operating System.

Step 1:

Download the adequate fill (32B or 64B) for Corner Store POS software, and you will be required to check for the type of your system type. Then, Go to Start>Right click on the computer and then select Properties.

Step 2:

You can locate the type of Operating System under the System Type section.

Step 3:

Now you can choose the correct file for your system type. This correct file can be downloaded from the product website, that is, 

Step 4:

Select the file and click Save As

Step 5:

Click on Desktop located on the left-hand side to locate it once it has easily been installed, and then click on Save.

Step 6:

The file will begin to save onto your Desktop.

Step 7:

Click Run

Step 8:

When you begin the installation for the first time, a list of pre-requisites will appear, notifying what you may need to download before installing Corner Store software. Please click on install. Once the installations of other programs are complete, you will have to restart your computer. A message dialog box will appear indicating whether your installation was successful or not.

Step 9:

Click on Next and begin installing Corner Store software. Follow each prompt as it appears.

Step 10:

After successful installation of Corner Store, you will find the Corner Store icon appears on your Desktop. Right-click on the Corner Store icon and select Properties

Step 11:

Check the Properties Window, click on the Compatibility tab. Please check Run this program as an administrator and click on Apply. 

Step 12:

Click on the Change setting for all users, select Run this program as an administrator, and click OK. 

Step 13:

Click OK two times and then click on the Corner Store icon. International Point of Sale: 

Step 14:

If you have not installed POS For.NET required for Corner Store POS software, you will receive an error message.

Step 15:

You can download POSFor.NET from the product website that is,  Select the file and click Run.

Step 18:

For your convenience, click on Browse and change the default location. 

Step 19:

You can create a Corner Store folder on the Main Screen and select the Corner Store folder’s default location.

Step 20:

After selecting the location, click on Unzip and close. 

Step 21:

Go to the proper location you have selected and click on setup. 

Step 22:

Enter User name and Organization and select next.

Step 23:

Select Typically and then Next

Step 24:

Select install and then Finish.

Maintenance of Corner Store POS Software

Employee Maintenance

  • You can add, update, or delete an employee in the Corner Store.
  • It can function as permission (admin access, employee, and inventory) and job role.

Customer Maintenance

  • You can add a customer, update, or delete customer information.
  • Pay a customer balance.

Department Maintenance

  • You can add, update, or delete a department.
  • Make changes to a group within the department.

Inventory Maintenance

  • You can add, update, or delete an inventory.
  • You can set up an attachment item.
  • You can set up the bulk price (2-for-1 price)
  • Prompt prices options can be used for items without fixed prices. 
  • The Scanner Inventory Tracking can be used to modify groups of items at once via your scanner.
  • Your screen can be customized as desired for an inventory item, department, variable price departments, and variable price payout.


Corner Store Point of Sale Software is a simple and fast point of sale solution. It is used in Liquor stores, Convenience stores, Grocery stores, Tobacco stores, Dollar stores, and many others.

 It is affordable and cost-effective as it can be easily integrated into other POS peripherals, easy to operate, and maintain. If you are on the look for POS software to purchase and these stores meet up with your line of business, then Corner Store POS Software is a great choice!

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