Six Cool Apps and Services That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Cool Apps

Over the countless years that I’ve spent lurking around on the web, it’s no surprise that I chance upon the odd treasures every now and then. We’re moving into a digital age, and there’s an app for just about anything. But in addition to automating simple mundane tasks, you shouldn’t forget about the problem-solving capacities of computers, too. 

The things that humans were probably never able to accomplish manually can now be completed easily by an online tool, whether it’s something standard like editing an image, or something outlandish, like a game that lets you play as a potato. You could make a wild guess and find out, to your shock, that yep: there’s an app for that. How useful all of those apps are though, well, that’s another story. 

I really wanted to discover some seriously useful online tools out there that don’t just complete mundane tasks, but also offer something unique. So with that in mind, today  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite online tools and apps that I have a feeling you’ve probably never heard of before. 

Manage Your Phone Addiction (And Become More Productive!)

If the amount of time that you’ve been spending on your gadgets is starting to worry you, it’s high time that you start doing something about it. There are several apps that have been developed to help you combat mobile addiction. These apps usually just shut off your other apps for a set period of time so that you can’t have access to them, and you’re fully expected to get stuff done during this time. 

One of the most popular apps to combat mobile addiction is Forest, which plants a little virtual tree each time you use the app. It eventually rewards you with coins, but only after you’re able to successfully complete a full tree-growing cycle. 

Begin Your Coding Mastery

If you’ve always wondered how developers are able to create beautiful apps and websites from seemingly nothing — news-flash, you can do that, too! Coding is much easier than it seems, and bite-sized lessons from make it even easier. You’re free to complete the lessons whenever you want to, and the best part? Their courses are certified! 

Embark on Your Culinary Journey

HelloFresh may sound like your regular grocery ordering app, but it’s way more than that! Your monthly membership allows you to order groceries specifically for meals that you choose each week, giving you the chance to explore new recipes and cuisine.

You get to plan your meals beforehand, and HelloFresh sends you a carton filled with all the groceries you need according to your meal plan. What’s even better is that HelloFresh even has easy-to-follow recipes, so even if you’re a complete kitchen noob, they’ve got something to get you started with.

Memorize Things To The Letter

Remember when your kindergarten teacher used to show you flashcards of apples, trees, and puppies? Probably not. But if you like using flashcards to memorize a ton of stuff (and especially if you’re a student) then you might want to try out Anki, a nifty memorization app designed exactly for this purpose.

Anki uses spaced repetition so you could remember thousands of cards without much of a problem. You could make your own flashcards, or if you prefer, you can download decks made by other people. Plus, Anki has a ton of plug-ins to help you be more efficient with study time.

Get Professional Guidance And Therapy At Home 

Mental health has been huge lately, with a lot of people putting special emphasis upon allowing themselves some time to rest and rejuvenate mentally. Especially in light of the recent pandemic, many people have been eager to try out some activities that can help improve their mental state. 

Lately, there’s been a surge in online tools that allow you to communicate with licensed mental health professionals, like online psychiatrists or therapists so that you can have access to therapy, anywhere and everywhere. Whether you want someone to chat with about your school-life frustrations, or partake in an online marriage counseling session for yourself and your spouse, these services have it all covered. 

Making the Most Out of App Technology

The internet has not only brought us much closer but has also made our lives much easier. While we’ve all gotten used to food delivery apps and online shopping, it’s always fun to know that these aren’t the only cool things the internet is capable of doing. My advice to you? Keep exploring, and you’ll never know when you chance upon something weird and wonderful behind an unsuspecting URL. 

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