SEO on Instagram: Techniques and tips in 2022


It is not a secret, one of the giants of social networks, Instagram , is positioned as one of the best platforms for digital marketing. This social network currently has more than 100 million active users, while more than 25 million of them are active companies. What does this mean? Which has become the most popular of networks, surpassing Twitter or LinkedIn.

Although it is true, one of the objectives of SMEs or multinationals is to reach all these users and create all kinds of opportunities for them to relate to your brand. Now, how is it done? Here is today’s post: how to do SEO positioning on Instagram. Marketing specialists know perfectly well that they have the obligation to master search engine optimization techniques, for this they must know the best tools and to give a better response to the positioning of their websites.

However, unfortunately there is a lesser known area of ​​SEO and it is the one used to know the results on social networks, and make no mistake, if you do not have your accounts optimized, you could lose traffic, followers and income. In the case of Instagram, it is the network that requires the most effort and dedication to be properly optimized. Therefore, today we give you the keys to know how SEO works on Instagram.

There are many people waiting to see your content, what are you waiting for? Continue reading! We tell you the best SEO techniques on Instagram.

How to do SEO positioning on Instagram?

Instagram SEO is all about taking the necessary steps to improve your search engine rankings, as well as within the platform itself. Thanks to this optimization of your posts, you will increase the chances that you will be found in certain phrases, hashtags and those topics related to the Instagram algorithm.

That is, the algorithm will understand that users are looking for you and will be able to quickly find the products and services that your company offers.


But beware! You must keep in mind that Instagram does not work in the same way as a website, therefore, the same techniques cannot be applied to optimize your company profile. Don’t worry! Next we will see the SEO Instagram 2022 techniques to make it easier for them to find you and gain more followers.

Now , why is it so important to optimize Instagram? As we have mentioned before, it is the social network that best interacts with the audience, since it is broader and brands can connect and sell. The design of Instagram is very visual and, thanks to this, companies have the possibility of showing their products and services in a more attractive way, accompanied by a photo caption. On the other hand, this social network is the best to use on mobile phones, in fact, most users use it only on this device. Look at this fact!: You cannot upload images to Instagram in its desktop version, while other networks allow it.

On the other hand, on Instagram there is the option to edit videos and photos. But this is not all, since there are free tools to adjust the audiovisual format, (Canva) to help users and marketers to create content.

Added to this are all the other factors that encourage the growth of Instagram popularity, among which are:

  • Users who share their images.
  • Influencers with a large number of followers and fans.
  • Companies seeking to promote their products and services to a constantly growing audience.

So, do you think it makes sense to spend all the time and effort to optimize the social network? We think so. That is why this platform works differently from other networks. Until now, hashtags have been the main source of search, but at the end of 2020 it developed a new feature: search by interest. Faced with this new scenario, companies needed to adapt their Instagram SEO to be found and obtain the following benefits:

  • Fewer specific hashtags and more audience that can find your content.
  • Quickly find the products and services that the company promotes.
  • In addition to the followers themselves, the posts can also be found by more people.
  • Spend more time on content.
  • Build a community.
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10 SEO techniques or strategies on Instagram

Surely you already have a more complete idea of ​​the importance of investing in your Instagram SEO strategy. Next step: know the 10 SEO techniques or strategies on Instagram.

Optimize your Instagram profile

This is the first step you should take to obtain greater reach, reach a larger audience to optimize your profile and provide a better user experience. How is it done?

  • The profile must be public.
  • You must upload a very visual image of your brand.
  • The username has to be recognizable and easy to search for: it has to stick in the user’s mind.
  • Register your account on Instagram Business.
  • In your biography you must include a URL that redirects to your website.

Although these tricks are very obvious, they are not. They mean the basis for the SEO strategy. 

The keyword has to be in username

Instagram has its own search engine, so you have to work on positioning, including the keyword within the username, as well as in all the subtitles.

Identify what the main keyword is, when you have it, it is more likely to appear in the search results of suggested accounts.

Recommendation: use the main keyword in all places to increase your chances of being detected by the algorithm.

Use the secondary keyword in the bio

Time to make the most of your secondary keywords ! These go hand in hand with your main keyword. To do this, creating a headline that is catchy is crucial to attracting new followers and satisfying the ones you already have. In addition to this, it can also help you appear in search results as well as optimize your bio and hashtags.

Make use of Instagram alt text

Alternative text offers the possibility for users to write captions for their photos. This feature is designed for visually impaired users; however, it is also very useful for SEO. Instagram will ignore alt text options for photos you post.

Instagram alt text is a relatively new feature that allows users to write captions for their photos. You have to make sure that you are filling in the correct description, with keywords, phrases or interests that match the photo.

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Changing the alt text can benefit you by making posts rank better in the algorithm, getting results for voice search, and more.

Use hashtags in your Stories

Try broadcasting a live video, Instagram will send a notice to all your followers. But remember that in each of these broadcasts or videos include a hashtag, text and even emojis. This way your profile will be better optimized and you can even link to your website, blog or any other page you want.

Analyze and track

Instagram has an analytics feature on the platform where you can pull data from a given date. But this option is not viable for marketing purposes, because when you close that window, all the data is lost and replaced.

One of Instagram’s analytics tools is Metricool, with it you can see the performance of the social network, both for posts and campaigns, and thus optimize its content for the future. This follow -up will help you improve the content as the strategy progresses and thus improve the results.

Avoid Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

Instagram has cracked down on accounts that try to cheat the system. In fact, they implemented a shadowban for users who repeatedly break the rules. Common Instagram Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid are:

  • Pass off the content of other accounts as your own.
  • Pay bots.
  • Use keyword stuffing.
  • Following too many accounts in a short time.
  • Buy followers.

One of the Geotags

Instagram will display search results based on the closest geographic location. To do this, you must ensure that your posts use geotags to delimit your location. The more you specify, the better.

Make use of the Videos

In addition to images, Instagram also works with video formats such as Instagram Stories, Reels or IGTV, which tend to receive more views than static posts.

It should be noted that they are more likely to be shared and gain more followers.

Account Linking

Link all your active social accounts. This is an ideal way to promote the authority and authenticity of your page. Not only does it increase the chance of increasing followers, you can also promote your account and increase your click-through rate.