Reasons To Include Customer Reviews on Your Website


No matter which industry you belong to, you need to have a positive online presence to grab the attention of your target audience. Online Reviews are one of the major factors why your audience trusts you. 

These reviews not only strengthen your company’s market value but also boost sales. According to a study, over 97% of customers go through the reviews before buying a product. Therefore, it’s quite important to understand why you need to include customer reviews on your website. 

In this blog, we will put light on the reasons explaining needs of customer reviews on website

Reason Explaining the Need of Customer Reviews on your Website

1. Social Proof Of Your Online Presence

Are you someone who reads the online reviews before shopping? 

Emerged as one of the most influential ways of social proof, customer reviews are basically usergenerated content which is the most authentic and trustworthy content. 

Driven by the actual experiences of customers, customer reviews are extremely important for brands. They are the best way to showcase customer satisfaction, brand credibility & loyalty, trust, and more. 

Online reviews platforms like Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, etc. provide genuine reviews about a product or service, which end up impacting the buying decisions of customers. Online reviews also affect how your customers perceive your brand. 

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Therefore, customer reviews decide whether a product or service is worth your customer’s money or not. For instance, online customer reviews stating “XYZ product is amazing and a must to have”, then whosoever will read this review will definitely think of buying the specific product.

2. Increase Your Online Visibility

The popularity of the brand also depends on how well it is visible online. For instance, if your brand is not visible online then there are chances that your target audience doesn’t know about you. Every marketer starts his/her business to generate revenue but it can only happen if you are true to business ethics. 

Businesses with great numbers of positive reviews and ratings get more traffic as compared to those with very few reviews. In addition to this, businesses with more reviews gain higher online visibility which leads to higher market exposure. So, make sure your website consists of valuable and genuine UGC customer reviews to keep you in the lead. 

3. Impacts Decision Making

Online reviews impact the decision making the process of your customers to a great extent. With the advancement of technology, customers find it convenient to read reviews before making a purchase. 

This component has transformed the way of purchase by customers. They have not only transformed the purchase process but also act as a booklet to get the product’s information. Through reviews, you can boost consumer engagement. 

In a study conducted by Harris Interactive, it was found that 40% of people read 1-3 reviews before deciding on a business. Many consumers just don’t care about how high the price of a product is. What they really want to have is to hear from other people like them and they trust what they read. So, make sure your reviews match the expectations of your customers. 

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4. Direct Influence On Sales

Creating a strong influence on the purchase likelihood, customer reviews, have the potential to affect the click-through rates as well as help your SEO bloom. This component helps search engines to find your website and therefore it builds the trust of the customers. 

If simply put, the more consumers you will satisfy the more sales you will influence in return. In this process, search engine results also play an integral role in increasing sales of your product.

5. More Positive Feedback

Dissatisfied customers are extremely harmful to your brand’s image. They are more likely to express their opinion like a punch against your business as compared to the satisfied ones. Make your customers act as your ambassadors so that you can get more and more positive feedback. The more positive feedback you’ll have on your website, the more it will promote your business online.

6. Deep Insights on your Target Market

Having reviews showcasing your customer’s experiences contains so much value to having an insight into your target market. They reflect how your customers perceive your product and services. Leverage customer reviews to improve all the aspects of your business by making necessary changes.

7. Boost News Customers Confidence

New customers tend to show confidence in your product if it has good ratings or reviews. Thus, gain the confidence of your new customer base to reduce abandonment of shopping carts. In short, reviews divert the new customers towards your product. 


Keeping all the aforementioned benefits of customer reviews on your website, you can start making marketing strategies to make your business reach heights. There are several plugins and tools like Taggbox Widget that will help you integrate customer reviews on your website. Taggbox widget offers a pool of features that Customization, Moderation Panel, Analytics, UGC Rights Management, and more. 

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Now you don’t have any excuse not to leverage customer reviews on your website!