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team management

Whether you work remotely or in an office, for your business to grow, you have no choice but to delegate tasks. And although having an organized team is sometimes complicated, it is not impossible!

You only need the help of tools that allow you to improve communication and maintain adequate internal organization. With these tools we do not mean only those that improve productivity among employees and are ideal for managing projects and teams.

You can’t start the house from the roof. For this reason, the first thing you should make sure is that you have hardware and a powerful computer network for your company.

The Cyberline Technologies company could not agree more on this and, therefore, has placed its trust in one of the best IT manufacturers in the world; Lenovo. Your Lenovo partner in Spain offers the best hardware, software and computer network solutions, becoming a computer benchmark for both the business and educational sectors.

Therefore, in addition to having good distributors and teams, as we said at the beginning, it is also important to use tools that speed up teamwork and allow your company to continue advancing.

All this, without your collaborators or employees slowing down their productivity. Let’s see some of them!

5 effective tools for teamwork

These tools are very useful for any business owner who needs to delegate their team to focus on other important issues. In addition, thanks to them you can have under control each strategic area related to your business.

In fact, these are some of the tools that we use in the MadridNYC team 🙂

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It is a tool to work from the cloud or online; that is, you do not need to save the information on any USB or hard drive.

It is one of the most powerful project management software that we know, from which you can access all your project data quickly and regardless of where you are.

One of the most positive points of Wrike is that you can manage different teams at the same time (marketing or sales, programming, design and other teams). And among its functions we can highlight:

  • Organization in blocks of work, edition and review of changes with your team in real time.
  • Planning through a timeline to see the status of each project and calculation of time spent on each project to reduce processes or time.
  • Assignment of tasks to teams with mentions, personal dashboard and in real time.


This is another remarkable project management and teamwork tool. With it you can invite your team, sending them an email.

You can create tasks that are placed in rows. And in each one you can add descriptions, comments and even upload files.

Another plus point of Asana is its “Projects” option, which is great for when you want to create a unique to-do list. You can also add guests who can only access certain projects.


Its free version is very complete, it offers access to 100,000 messages, 10 integrations with applications such as Google Drive and others, and individual or team video calls. So if you have a small company, this plan will be enough for you.

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In Slack you can create different channels related to different projects or areas of your company. And in each workspace you can add the collaborators you want. Therefore, you can start group or individual conversations.

But the most surprising thing is that it allows integration with Drive. This means that if someone shares a document that they uploaded to Drive, they don’t have to authorize the system for each user to receive it by email. In Slack you can open it with a single click.

4. Toggl

It consists of an application to measure the time you spend on each task and assess whether the time spent has been productive or not.

You just have to add the projects you work on, choose the task you are going to work on and set the timer when you start and turn it off when you finish. You also have the option in Toggl to set the time manually.

This will be a way of analyzing the time invested in each task, and it will be through their reports that you will be able to see it more clearly to make future decisions. Perhaps a client is not profitable for you or you need to hire a new profile.


It is a tool that you can integrate into your email system. And it is used to monitor the email accounts of your customers through tickets, in real time.

It doesn’t have a free plan, but when you handle hundreds of emails a day and work with different teams, this is a very practical solution.

With Helpscout you will be able to keep track of customer conversations, assign conversations to certain members and write down comments that only your colleagues will see.

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There are many tools for teamwork, which allow you to improve productivity and internal communication. Therefore, we recommend that you try them all and choose the one that best suits your needs or the one that you and your team feel most comfortable with. But not without first making sure you have durable computer equipment and an agile and secure network in your work system.