Performance marketing strategies for the energy sector


Betting on performance marketing for the energy sector in the midst of the global situation due to the pandemic seems to be the safest investment towards which to direct efforts in the industry.

This year has come with a major turn in the global economy. With the world paralyzed in the first half of 2020, the economic powers have been forced to show their faces and talk about the market to increase its value within global economic thought.

The central task of performance marketing for the energy sector is precisely to generate tangible results both in income and in obtaining new customers, and that all this translates into higher investment returns . Because, in fact, with this strategy you only pay for the results you get.

The context: What is happening in the energy sector?

Experts point out that, to date, such a turbulent situation had not arisen for the energy sector. Numerous pressures ranging from falling prices to new consumer behavior are the waters that are dragging leaders toward the implementation of performance marketing.

Starting from there, the reduction in economic activity related to the COVID-1.9 pandemic has caused significant changes in energy supply and demand patterns.

Crude oil prices, in particular, have fallen sharply since the early 2020s. Largely due to reduced demand for oil. And, mainly, responding to the mitigation efforts of COVID-19.

What the markets say

The whole industry is exacerbated by uncertainty. In fact, the consequences of coronavirus mitigation efforts continue to change. Something that, of course, also produces important changes in the energy markets.

A.- Less demand for liquid fuel

Due to the restrictions of mobilization and commercial activity, the global demands and, mainly, in the urban markets, are notoriously low. However, the de-escalation process announces a slow but progressive increase in it .

This has resulted in global liquid fuel inventories growing by an average of 2.6 million b / d at the end of the first half of 2020, after falling by 0.2 million b / d in 2019.

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B.- Electricity, coal, renewable energy and emissions

The effects of social distancing patterns are likely to continue to affect electricity consumption in major world markets. This is reflected in a lower generation of fossil fuels, especially in coal power plants.

Furthermore, energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are likely to decline by 11%. This record decline is the result of restrictions on commercial activity. But also, they have their origin in the prohibition of making trips and the slowdown in economic growth related to the pandemic.

However, the same report provided by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), indicates that for the second half of the year there is a dramatically favorable impact for the energy sector. What could be much more sustainable through the use of performance marketing.

Performance marketing for the energy sector: a pandemic-proof strategy
performance marketing for the energy sector

Betting on a performance marketing plan for the energy sector, with a framework in this context, is the wisest option. It not only saves time and money invested, it also guarantees the achievement of the economic objectives of the sector. Energy is a sector that sounds more distant or more attainable every day.

Why does the energy sector sound more distant or more attainable? Largely due to its great transformations. This is a sector highly suspected of being unsustainable. But, in addition, another of the main reasons is very simple: despite the importance of the industry for the functioning of the world, it is a very emotional moment for audiences.

Only those organizations that know how to give the human face behind their movements in an empathetic and explanatory way, will emerge triumphant from the wave that supposes a bad position in the sea of ​​public opinion.

Furthermore, the world is currently in the data age. The weight of emotions is increasing every day in the marketing and communication strategies of companies. Focus on what customers are looking for, when, how often they consume, and why and why it is vital today . Proof of this is that sales or cold subscriptions are on the decline.

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Performance marketing for the energy sector not only guarantees accurate results. In addition, it guarantees the presence of industry brands in the lives of its consumers, generating more effective results. Well, performance marketing is the fastest growing segment of digital communication today. In fact, studies indicate that for every dollar invested, your return is about 115 dollars.

What to do to apply performance marketing for the energy sector?

Within the world of marketing and social media it is said that “what is not measurable does not exist”. And this, in addition, in performance marketing is a “ sine qua non” requirement.

With performance marketing you can always record and trace any reaction from the target audience . For example, follow a UTM code and parameterize the interest of a lead based on their actions to determine if they are suitable for a commercial contact.

If at this point you continue to have doubts about the benefits of performance marketing, it is best to ask yourself these questions:

What exactly do you want to achieve.
When do you want to achieve it, in what period.
How much budget do you have to achieve our goal
Done, do you have it? Perfect! You have just clarified the landscape for your performance marketing actions for the energy sector. When you have clear objectives, performance marketing acts with precise actions to obtain results. Remember that not all results translate into money.

Specific performance marketing actions for the energy sector
energy landing

Marketing efforts must not stop. The context, yes. So, if you decide to undertake a performance marketing strategy for the energy sector, make sure that the reason that encompasses each of your steps corresponds to three principles: provide valuable content , that is truly informative and that feels supportive and supportive.

With consumers’ general concerns about the environment, health, and business support, companies that turn to performance marketing should build a narrative responding to these areas to achieve results.

When you have the objectives set and the context clear, performance marketing has a series of infallible instruments to acquire data and implement the most appropriate actions. These are:

1.- Search engine optimization

For this, you are going to require a team of copywriters and copyers who understand how the major search engines work . For example, how to generate results for different combinations that lead to audiences to the website we want to find.


2.- Advertising in search engines

Remember that the basic principle of performance marketing is that you only pay for the results you get. Reference is made here to paid ads.

These can be located on Google’s results pages and are very useful for increasing traffic and for remarketing campaigns . Thanks to the use of keywords in each ad, you have the option of positioning your website for different products or services.

3.- Develop an optimized landing page

If you want to build a solid performance marketing strategy for the energy sector, creating optimized landing pages is something you shouldn’t stop doing.

You can get a lot out of a CPC campaign if you have a good landing page. If it is well optimized, you will improve the conversion process. Especially if the website is also well cared for. In this way, you can generate new subscribers to the newsletter or obtain affiliates to your database.

4.- Email marketing

With the use of email marketing it is possible to achieve two important benefits: increase website traffic and reinforce customer loyalty. In this way, you can address both a single person and all those who are interested in learning more about the energy industry.

5.- Participation in social networks

Being on the social networks your audiences are on is a must for performance marketing. Something very important for brands is to connect with their audience. What better place than in social environments to generate a conversation and get closer to them?

Remember, that the energy sector is in the eye of the hurricane and is often criticized by the audience . So try not to saturate your consumers with a message that they probably don’t care about.

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