We offer you our online courses in Digital Marketing with a flat fee during the coronavirus quarantine . Train in online digital marketing during the confinement and become an authentic specialist.

We want to make your quarantine more bearable: enjoy the course pack of your choice for only € 19.95 per month , certificate included . Live a new online training experience where, in addition to the self-study material , you will have the necessary resources to keep up to date with each aspect you want to work on.


Pack 1. Content creation in Social Networks – monthly subscription – online training.pngIf what you want is to have tools and ideas to be able to generate content aimed at consumption on social platforms , this is your program. Learn how to design infographics , edit videos and audio pills, as well as the most outstanding images for your posts. Furthermore, given its modular nature , if you prefer you can take only those modules that interest you the most:

Creation of infographics
Video creation and editing
Audio creation and editing (podcast)
Editing images for social networks with Photoshop


Pack 2. Digital Marketing Course – Online TrainingOur most complete online Digital Marketing course : more than 400 pages of content with which you will learn to design your online marketing plan from the use of social media , content marketing , email marketing, influencer marketing , positioning (organic – SEO – and paid – SEM ), web analytics and affiliate marketing . In addition, we will put at your disposal templates to prepare social media reports and digital marketing plans, as well as other resources of interest so that you can expand the information. You have more information on the official page of this online Marketing course .

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Pack 3. Advanced digital marketing course for the tourism sector – online trainingThe specialization of one of our traditional digital marketing online courses towards the tourism sector . Learn about their best practices , as well as the tactics necessary to replicate them . The course includes the following modules:

Module 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and Inboud Marketing
Module 2. Affiliate Marketing and the importance of video and image in the digital medium
Module 3. Social Media and case studies in the tourism sector
Module 4. SEO and SEM
Module 5. Email marketing oriented to the tourism sector


Pack 4. Digital Marketing Initiation – online trainingAs it is usually said, in the variety is the taste, and this last pack is a good example of this: 4 100% complementary courses , a mini digital marketing course where you will learn about social networks, search engine marketing or web analytics.

Management of social networks. Tactical program where you will find everything you need to know to manage the presence of your brand on social media . A hundred pages of content and resources with which to rethink your digital strategy .
Instagram management. If you want to go “on target”, this monograph on Instagram is what you need. Tools, campaigns and strategy in one program
Introduction to search engine marketing (SEO and SEM). Starting in the SEO world ? Thinking of launching your first advertising campaign? Wondering why your business ranks worse than your competition on Google Maps ? Enjoy the content that you will find in a program with which you can even prepare the official Google Ads exams and thus obtain a highly valued certification in the labor market.
Introduction to web analytics. If you have just read the word ” Google Analytics ” for the first time right now, you need to take this course. In the worst case, if it “sounds” to you, or you just stay in the account overview, soak up everything you need to get the most out of Google Analytics for your projects .
In addition, students in the COVID-19 online digital marketing by quarantine courses will have access to a blended session via videoconference with Pablo Sammarco to answer their questions and learn about the latest trends in the sector.

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Why have you lowered the price of your courses?

Simple: we wanted to contribute our grain of sand to the community. We could have left it 100% open, but we think that what is given for free is not valued, hence we have put a symbolic price that helps us cover the costs of having it online.

I do not have Paypal. Can I pay with card?

Of course. PayPal allows you to pay by card, even if you do not have an account with them. If you get stuck in any step, take a look at this post How to pay by card in PayPal without having an account ?

How long do digital marketing courses last?

The online modality of our courses means that you can study at your own pace. However, the recommended duration of each course is 30 to 60 days.

Why do you only give one month to complete the programs?

As we have previously mentioned, it is a specific action related to the current socioeconomic situation. Regardless, whoever wants to continue training on the platform after the initial month may do so by paying a symbolic renewal.

What will I find when I enter?

Self-study material, an online doubt forum – with direct access to the tutors -, resources (audiovisual and online) and our best smile

Is it a video format course?

No. There are audiovisual resources, but we have chosen to generate an eminently practical layout content, so that each one follows it as they see fit, which we complete with interaction in forums with other students and tutors, in addition to other types of valuable resources .

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Can I contract different packs?

Clear. In fact, the more the merrier

Do I need specific training to study Digital Marketing courses?

No. They are designed to go from the general to the particular, so that anyone can learn, regardless of their initial level

Why don’t you return the money if I don’t find what I expected?

It is a course at a super reduced price, designed to support those who normally could not access it, and we share a lot of information that is easily downloadable. Furthermore, by the very nature of people, they pay righteous for sinners, hence we have made this decision.

Do you generate invoice?

Clear. As soon as you make the purchase. You won’t have to chase us (we hate that)

Is it discounted through Fundae (Tripartite Foundation)?

Not at the moment, but if you are interested, write us

Is the digital marketing and social media course online?

Yes. All our courses have the online modality. They are developed on our educational platform specially designed for online training .

Are digital marketing and online social media courses free?

With this € 19.95 fee you will access the courses that make up the pack you choose for a month. However, if you prefer, you can subscribe to our free online Digital Marketing course via email.

Do online marketing courses have the certificate?

Yes. All our courses have their own certificate endorsed by our agency, The Social Media Family, and its founder, Pablo Sammarco.