New Year Resolutions for Savvy Email Marketers

New Year resolutions

New Year Resolutions for Savvy Email Marketers can help you take control of your email campaign. This is the one time of the year when your email marketing efforts really pay off. It’s also the most challenging time of the year to try and make a difference in the world of email marketing. This article will help you avoid the mistakes most newbie email marketers make during this busy time of the year.

Get Your ducks In A row

You need to get your ducks in a row before you start investing your time and money. You need to know what kind of email content you should be creating and how you are going to execute those tactics effectively. You need to think about how you’re going to track your results and measure your progress. For example, how do you know that your landing page is delivering emails to the people who bought your product or service? How do you know you’re not wasting valuable time sending messages to people who have opted out?

Be Flexible

Nothing is set in stone. Even though most experts say that giving your emails to everyone and anywhere is not a good idea, you should still try it sometimes. It’s okay to test your email to see what works best. If you send the same email on four different websites – gmail, Hotmail, yahoo! – do you think the results will be different?

Use Tracking Tools

Most email marketers like to know how many subscribers are receiving your messages. But you should also be tracking where your subscribers are coming from so that you can fine tune your campaigns accordingly. So how do you get these tracking tools working for you? You should use Google Analytics to measure your website visitors and track where they came from. Then you can create separate reports for subscribers to see where their traffic came from and which web pages they got to.

Be Persistent

No one likes to lose a subscriber, but this is a part of doing business. So don’t give up after a couple of bounces or unsubscribers. Keep trying to build your list and be persistent. Remember, people are still willing to subscribe to an email newsletter if they feel that they can trust you and the products you’re sending them.

Focus On Subscribers And Not On Your Traffic

A lot of successful email marketers spend time worrying about the number of subscribers they have rather than the number of visitors they have. If you want to succeed as an email marketer, you need to focus on the subscribers first and the traffic later. This might sound difficult, especially if you’ve done it before. But it’s true. The people who sign up and buy your products or services are the ones who will actually convert into buyers.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Google Docs

Last year many email marketers were afraid to use Google Docs for their businesses because they thought that there wasn’t enough room for creativity. Well guess what? The doc is the perfect place for creativity and also it’s the perfect place for you to test new ideas and market your products and services. Why not create a Google Doc that includes your website URL, your blog URL, your products and services description and pricing structure, and your social media profiles? There’s no need to fill it with all your stuff as your visitors will just go directly to your website when they get a chance.

Always Be Working On Yourself

One of the best advice in the world is to always keep improving yourself. The more you learn, the better off you’ll be. If you want to achieve financial success then you must keep working on yourself. You have to create an opportunity for improvement and you must never stop trying to improve yourself.

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