Logo Maker vs. Logo Desing: What are the differences between them?

If you need an aesthetically perfect log, you will find plenty of logo generators. But what you actually need is a logo maker, not a generator. The names are similar, but make no mistake: they are very different. As suggested, a logo generator will generate a logo for you, while a logo maker is a toolkit for you to create your own logo on your own.

One might be tempted to use a logo generator, as it seems like it takes less work. And we understand it well! But this is the precise reason why we do not recommend the logo generator. If you leave the work to a logo generator, it means that you will have less control over the end result produced. And if you don’t decide for yourself what your logo will look like, you may end up with a poor result, which will not leave an impression.

Don’t worry, though: using a logo maker doesn’t mean you’ll be creating all of the graphics yourself, you can trust us: it’s not that hard. News’s logo maker makes it easy to create a logo for anyone who wants to design their own, original and well-made logo, without needing to know how to code or draw!

What is the difference between a logo maker and a logo generator?

UnboxFame is a brand naming agency that will help you create a creative logo. To put it simply, a logo generator offers you a ready-made logo. A logo maker, on the other hand, provides you with the tools necessary to create your own logo. 

Let’s first analyze how a logo maker works.

New has taken the best of both: it’s a logo generator and logo maker all at the same time! You start with a logo template that is generated through Artificial Intelligence. This means that New will offer you a logo that matches your company’s information! Then, it will be up to you to customize your logo with the online tools that we offer on the site.

Each logo maker has a different toolkit and its own features, which vary from designer to designer. But basically, each of them gives you tools so that you can choose your logo in its overall shape, color palette, reference font, and logo artwork. Some logo makers, like here at New, have a very large library of fonts, images, and templates that you can use, while others don’t. If you are looking for the right logo maker for your business, be sure to choose a tool that will offer you a wide range of customization. Then we have the logo generators.

Popular logo generators

We had reviewed these logo generators in detail, in a previous article. Their differences lie in the type of information you enter and the number of suggested logos that are offered to you. Likewise, some offer help after logo creation and others offer quick formulas for printing your logo on various media like business cards, pens or other items.

While logo makers are successful, they are actually not that much easier to use than logo makers. Of course, they involve less work (since you just have to enter your brand information and a few basic elements and then let the algorithm do it), but when it comes to personalizing your logo, the principle remains the same. Same: try different colors, fonts, or change the main logo artwork.

More options with a logo maker

When you use a logo generator, you don’t start with a blank page. Instead, the algorithm offers you a type of logo. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize the logo, because you can, but often times it will be limited to a few limited customization options. For example, a logo generator will have a batch of logo templates per business sector.

If you selected “Buildings and Construction” for your industry in the questionnaire at the start, you will only see the templates that the generator has designed for logos in that business area. This means that you will mostly see cross hammers, square logos with triangles above to represent a house, and other generic images related to this area. It also means that you won’t have access to templates designed for other industries, like the creative sector or education.

How to choose a logo maker

There are a large number of logo makers out there on the web, and like Creative Logo Designing, they come in a variety of qualities. If you are looking for the right logo maker, the first criterion should be the number of options available—there should be many. This means that you should find hundreds of fonts, a full colour palette, be able to select the tones you want, and have the ability to edit your logo.

Here’s an overview of what logo maker has to offer:

  • Hundreds of fonts, categorized in seven distinct groups
  • The ability to select and choose the order of layers of the different elements, so you can decide what goes in the background and what is on top, thus giving depth to your logo.
  • A complete color palette, with no predetermined color schemes
  • A library full of icons to use and customize