Link Building in SEO: Learn How it Works, Importance & Benefits

Link Building

In today’s time, SEO has been one of the most buzzing strategies that every company is adopting. After realising the benefits of SEO, it was obvious that companies would shift to it sooner or later. 

Today, we’re going to understand how you can boost your SEO with one of the top strategies, ie, link building. 

Here’s what link building means. 

What is link building in SEO & its types? 

Link building is when you get hyperlinks to your web pages from a third-party website or your own website. It helps the users to move on from one web page to the other, which are often related to each other. 

Search engines like Google crawl through that third-party website and in the process will also crawl through your page which was hyperlinked. 

The two main types of links are Internal & External. Internal links are those where your one page navigates to another page within the same website. 

External or Outbound links are those where another website’s links mention you or vice versa. 

Link building requires you to work on both these types of links. You can add links to certain words or even images on the web page. 

Now there are many people who are confused between link building and backlinking. And for real, there’s no difference between the two. Link building is nothing but an SEO strategy to procure “backlinks” from third-party websites which are relevant and have high domain authority. 

How to create link building in SEO (Strategies & Examples)

Link building is a long-term strategy and needs constant efforts to achieve optimum results. We will be seeing how you can do link building in 2 parts, ie, via internal linking and external linking. 

Link building in SEO via Internal Linking

First and foremost, you must maintain an upbeat blog section and all web pages with maximum SEO optimization. 

Write on blog topics that are relevant to your niche and have volume. Blogs must be written end-to-end with careful research so that Google prefers them. Linking building is successful only when you have some quality-rich content. 

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Once you have a bank of enough blogs and pages covering various aspects of your niche, you need to prepare a table to understand the number of categories you have and segregate each blog/page under the relevant category. 

This helps you understand how many different pages you have pertaining to a particular topic. 

The next step is to start interlinking all blogs into one another so that a user can easily navigate from one page to another page with useful information. 

For example, if you are a news website and have recently written an article about Covid’s impact on different sectors. You can further link out articles on any of these sectors if you have any. 

When you keep continuing this practice, after a period of time you will realise how you have created a web of internal links on your website which adds up to your SEO juice. 

Internal linking makes a good user experience as they’re navigated to relevant and important parts of your website, resulting in more time spent on your website. 

Consequently, it alerts search engines that your website has qualitative information and thus, will start getting more visitors and higher DA. 

This is how you do link building in SEO via internal linking. Let’s get to the slightly tougher part now. 

Link building in SEO via External Linking

External linking can be achieved in 2 ways, the first being that other websites mention you in one of their articles and give a link out due to relevancy. 

Such outbound links are very rare to find unless you are a very big and well-established company which gives other websites a reason to feature you. 

But the other way to procure external links is to start approaching relevant websites asking for a link back which is called an “Outreach campaign”. 

First off, you need to start with building a list of potential websites that match your niche and have a decent DA. Tools like are useful to acquire such websites. 

Next is to find the right POC (point of contact) for each of these websites. This is very important because if you don’t find the right guy to approach for your deal, your efforts will end right there. 

Once you’re set with your database, you can reach out to each of them one-by-one or together via email and communicate that you’d like to either write an article for them with certain links or directly add a link of your website in of their blogs. 

Try stating certain profitable reasons why they should collaborate with you on this outbound link offer such as your DA, relevancy, added user experience, etc. 

That’s one way to get external links from third-party relevant websites. This way of link building in seo via external linking is very popular now. 

But certain things to keep in mind are:

  • Do not try to get too many outbound links at once as it may look spammy and search engines might blacklist you 
  • Go for only relevant websites with a DA preferably higher than yours

Importance & Benefits of link building in SEO

One of the biggest reasons why link building in SEO is important is that it helps you boost incoming traffic. The more you spread over the search engines, the more people will come to your websites from different sources. 

Another reason is that it helps you rank better on search engines when you have so many links present, especially when they’re relevant and coming from third websites. 

A major benefit of link building strategies is that you start brand building. Helps you create awareness and allows you to establish your brand the way you want your audience to perceive it. 

It also motivates you to churn out qualitative content time and again which is very crucial to garnering eyeballs from the audience. With rich content, your brand will start looking superior and trustworthy to your audience. 

Another benefit of link building may not look very juicy at the moment but helps in the long run. Yes, that’s building relationships. You get to interact with tonnes of people who share similar interests and are in a good position in companies. 

Such relationships always help in the future as well and are important to any business. 

What is broken link building in SEO? 

Broken Link Building (or Dead Link Building) is a practice of reaching out to websites that might have 404 error pages on their site and offering to fix that link with one of your relevant links. 

This is a very recent practice & is a nice way to first build a relationship with that website by offering a solution to their problem (error page) and then later you can weave the conversation into asking for a link. 

Check My Links is the best free tool to find out broken links on any website. Use the tool to check it for the websites around your niche and then reach out to them. 

Link Building in SEO is just one of the strategies. There’s a lot more to SEO and we’re sure you’re aware of it. 

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