Key Point to Make YouTube Channel Viral


In 2006 Google has planted a huge investment to facilitate the online community with video platform that is YouTube. This platform was already in action but was not organized as Google forwarded it in diverse directions. This platform is multidimensional beneficial for the users. One dimension of it is to allow the interested persons to share the videos in free and second dimension is to earn from these videos if these contain valuable contents. In eye blinking moments this platform travelled journey of success and entered its name in the list of Social Networks. It has lagged behind other Social Networks and got first ranking and in search engines lists it is the second largest on the web. 

The first step on YouTube after creation of email account is to launch a video channel on the platform. When you start work on YouTube channel , your fame start growing because of unheard quality of your videos that are full of knowledge along dazzling graphics with sweet sound that absorb the audiences. Now new doors of opportunities start opening for your business. Keep in mind that this channel is online industry for you. For your further grooming on this video platform we are working on functional steps that are listed in headings below.

  • Elementary Research for YouTube Channel

All those who have ponder over the online marketing strategies are well aware of the basic research for YouTube channel but those who have not read these chapters are in cumbersome zone but there is remedy for them that is to hire a professional that is a proficient in niche selection for your YouTube channel. For wide scope of business, we suggest you select niche matching with your business that has also sub niches. YouTube Channels are often named on your business tags or keywords that are part of your business niche.

  • Self-Generated Contents

To make the horizon of your business wide and for rapid success on this video platform. Study a lot for quality contents. Then do brain storming for organization of contents. The third step is the delivery of contents. If your contents are not delivered properly in audible sound, your whole investment will be thrown into the dust bin.

You must own your own video shooting studio where proper lighting system along with modern sound system should be installed. We have seen a lot of videos on YouTube that are shot with mobile that is not professional work. If you are successful in uploading a high quality and full of knowledge videos, the viewers will show their interest and will watch your video from start to the end. There will be more probability of your video to be viral.

  • Upload Videos with Frequency and Consistency

If you have selected YouTube for your business promotion, visit the channels of famous YouTubers. You will explore many points and I am hopeful you will store in your brain, you must have to upload at least one video per day. When your channel will be populated with greater number of videos, number of your subscribers will increase abruptly. Now you are travelling towards the road of success. Keep in mind; it is mandatory to maintain frequency and consistency of uploading the videos throughout the life of your business. Now you can see in analytics of YouTube that your channel watches time is increasing on each coming day. Increase in watch time will increase the visibility of your videos. You can see your videos in organic searches for selected keywords.

  • SEO of Channel¬†

It is obvious that when a channel is launch, a video for its complete introduction is uploaded and later on niche specific videos are uploaded. Now for good business on this social channel, first channel video is optimized and in next step other videos are optimized one by one.

For onsite SEO of the videos, it is mandatory in first step to write main keyword in the Title of the Channel and same for other videos. In second step use relative Tag for which your videos are searched. In third step write in impressive words Meta description of the video including the keyword. In three steps use the same keyword

For offsite SEO of the a video, embed it on other websites, increase its watch time, share it on other social networks and create do follow links for video with anchor text.

  • Create Custom YouTube Thumbnail

Thumbnails of videos invite the viewers because of their stunning look. In normal routine when the process of uploading the video is complete, YouTube gives a user to select one thumbnail for his video out of three automated thumbnails but some users are interested in custom thumbnails. For this purpose they should use a tool to create a thumbnail meeting the standard of YouTube Thumbnail Size defined by the YouTube.

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