Did you think you knew everything about Internet searches? Get ready, because at The Social Media Family we wanted to end the year by analyzing the behavior of the 100 keywords with the highest volume of searches in Google Spain, which is equivalent to almost 600 million queries , and offer, first-hand, interesting data on the browsing habits of Spanish Internet users.


In our country, 95% of searches are made from the Google search engine in Spain. For this reason, using this platform to measure, quantify and test the words that users write in their magnifying glass allows them to take a photograph that is quite close to social reality. Therefore, from the study on searches in Google Spain 2019, surprising and data are extracted:

The 100 most used keywords represent 586,190,000 searches
91% of searches are navigational; that is: the user does a brand search, when in reality what he wants is to go to the website of that entity or service
The most searched word is Facebook ( keywords like face or facebook enter included) with 57.69 million queries in total, followed by YouTube (yt and you tube included) with 52.81
Banking ranks among the sectors of great follow-up with 8 keywords in the list -9 if we include PayPal as a banking service company-. La Caixa, with 9.33 million searches, leads the ranking
A total of 5 references to email solutions appear in a list commanded by Hotmail (35.10 million searches) and escorted by other Microsoft services such as Outlook or Gmail (27.39 million searches), it is consolidated as the only one “Outsider”
Also in the top 100 are queries about companies dedicated to distribution and retail such as Amazon , El Corte Inglés, Zara or Mango.
The media represent a fifth of queries, highlighting sports supports such as Marca (18.09 million) or As (15.64 million) over generalists
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In general terms, the ranking of the most searched keywords is dominated by two social networks and an email application: Facebook (and its variants “face” or “Facebook enter”), with 57.69 million in total; YouTube (with words like “yt” and “you tube” included) with 52.81 million and Hotmail, with 33 million.

At the next level we find queries such as the translator -30.66 million searches-, the email platform Gmail – 27.39 million- and the sports newspaper Marca -18.09. The Amazon marketplace , the sports newspaper As or the general media like El Mundo and El País also appear among the top ten positions in the ranking, along with banks such as La Caixa or the xvideos porn video platform.(14.20 million searches). At the other extreme, communication related supports such as the Pinterest social network (1.77 million searches) or the Public newspaper (1.76 million) also stand out.

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search ranking in Google Spain
The percentages by sectors are distributed as follows: 20% are Media; 12% correspond to the Social Network category ; 9% to Banking, Porn and Utilities . One point less represents the retail sector (8%), followed by Email , Marketplace, Search Engines and Torrent (5%) . The list is closed by sectors such as Streaming and Transportation (with 3% each), Public Administration (2%) and telecommunications (1%).


As we have previously commented, social networks Facebook ( 57.69 million) and YouTube (52.81 million searches) top the list of the top 100 searches in Google Spain. In third position is the WhatsApp platform with 7.29 million followed by far from Instagram (4.82 million). For its part, 4.29 million searches accumulates Twitter , the microblogging network , followed by far by the two bottom of the series: LinkedIn (1.88 million) and Pinterest (1.77 million).

Search engines, directories and metasearch engines also have a place in this ranking: Google searches for itself a whopping 15.84 million times, followed very far by other keywords such as Maps and Google Maps, with 13.09 million. Further back we find the Yahoo! directory, with 6.09 million queries, and the Skyscanner metasearch engine (2.09 million). On the other hand, the tourism sector is in luck by incorporating directories such as Booking (4.4 million requests), and the shared accommodation platform Airbnb (2.05 million). The Infojobs (3 million) and Idealist (2.6) vertical directory ranking complete the ranking .


The keyword analysis shows a total of 5 references to email solutions in the series, 4 of them directly linked to Microsoft services. In fact, Hotmail, with 35.10 million (including Hotmail and Hotmail login), Outlook (4.46 million) and MSN (2.32 million) accumulate a total of 41.78 million queries. This is a difficult figure to overcome for which is its direct competition, Gmail , with 27.39 million searches.

They close the series dedicated to technology telecommunications supports such as Movistar (ranked 73 with 2.06 million queries).

searches in Google Spain
Amazon , Milanuncios , AliExpress, eBay and Wallapop are the most prominent marketplaces in this list of keywords led by Amazon (16.46 million requests), followed by far by Milanuncios (5.99 million), AliExpress (4.46) or Ebay and Wallapop with 3.68 and 2.82 million queries, respectively.

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On the other hand, when we talk about “traditional” Retail, we find companies like El Corte Inglés (almost 4 million monthly searches), Zara (3.85), Ikea (2.64), Decathlon (2.61 million) or Media Markt (2.51), among others.


Searches in the category corresponding to “media” occupy a fifth of the survey on the top 100 searches on Google with an indisputable role for sports media such as Marca (18.09 million), As (15.64 million ) and Sport (5.82 million).

Below are the requests for information on news newspapers such as El Mundo (15.30), El País (12.14), ABC (5.37 million), La Vanguardia (5.03 million) or La Razón (2 , 68 million).


The series of searches shows a special interest of Spanish Internet users in the banking and finance sector. In this category, a total of 8 keywords stand out with great follow-up (9 if we include PayPal as a banking services company with its 1.79 million searches) led by La Caixa, with 9.33 million queries.

After the Catalan entity, others such as Santander stand out , with two similar keywords (Santander and Banco Santander) that total 6.72 million requests in total . The third place is for BBVA (6.31 million) followed by Bankia (5.04 million). Finally, in the queue are keywords such as Sabadell, ING and Cajamar , which are around 2 million searches on average. Finally, it is worth noting the entry of a payment platform, PayPal, with 1.79 million searches.

The so-called Torrent are still topical, as evidenced by the fact that we are in this “Top 100” with keywords such as BetterTorrent, Elitetorrent, Divxtotal, Plusdede or Pordede, with 13.79 million searches in total . The data confirms that illegal downloads continue to attract attraction among Internet users, with uneven results according to the platform: 3.47 million requests collects better Torrent, practically the same as elitetorrent -3.5 million. Divxtotal (2.50) and dede (plus dede and pordede), with 4.37 million queries, close the list.

On the other hand, the porn category is led by Xvideos (14.20 million) with a considerable advantage over its competitors. The analysis shows that there are 9 keywords related to sex in the Google Spain search list. One fact: despite representing just 9% of the total by sectors, it triples, for example, the Torrents category: 43.46 million porn queries compared to 13.79 searches for download pages.

Finally, they mark an upward trend in the analysis of searches for streaming platforms such as Netflix ( 6.45 million), HBO ( around 2.20 million) or Yomvi (2.16 million).


The tax agency (and its initials, aeat) leads the list dedicated to Public Administration, with more than 5.65 million queries. It is followed by the state meteorological agency ( aemet ), with just under 2 million.

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Regarding the “transport” sector, Renfe stands out (3.49 million), followed by low cost airlines such as Ryanair (around 3 million) and Vueling (1.92 million).

In the top 100 most searched keywords in Google Spain are utilities like Translator, Weather, TV Programming, news and speed test. The first (Translator, google translator, English Spanish translator included) leads the list with 35.60 million requests, followed a long way by El Tiempo (just under 5 million), Translate (2.51 million) and Oxford (2 , 24 million).

The utilities section confirms the need for Internet users to use interpreters and use dictionaries or other tools related to the Anglo-Saxon language. This confirms that the Spanish have an outstanding debt with the English language, don’t you think?

On the other hand, and related to entertainment, the 2.17 million searches for television programming stand out in the “utilities” section , followed by News (2.06 million) and speed tests (1.83 million); The latter is used to perform speed and internet connection checks in offices and home environments. The data reveals how Wi-Fi coverage, news and television have become a necessity for Spaniards, along with the search for information, email exchanges and content sharing in RRSS.


Interesting conclusions emerge from the report, such as the fact that almost a third of the keywords analyzed and included in searches in Google Spain are related to the media and social networks. From this data follows the interest in sharing and consuming content of all kinds, whether text, audiovisual or images, with a large sports and current component.

In addition to these parameters, the use of online banking services complete the scale of interests and priorities, followed by utilities such as television programming, translators and news in general. This second step is shared by web pages dedicated to porn. Money, entertainment, news and sex, this is the second third of the most searched words in Google Spain.

The portrait reserves the last third of the demands for mixed content shared by distribution, marketplaces , email platforms, public administration, transport, downloads, streaming and telecommunications.

Therefore, what you did not know about internet searches is that communication is the protagonist in more than half of the occasions for both media and supports: social networks, entertainment, programming and email tools. With all this, we confirm the ability to socialize the Internet and its massive use as a source of information for the user of the 21st century.