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Most of the software development teams throughout do code review and the successive code reviews are directly proportional to high-quality code. There are software developers who are not satisfied enough with the code review process they have. However, by having several measures your team can have effective code reviews.

Moreover, before starting your software development project make sure you have clear communication statements. Code reviews are basically the avenues for keeping the standards balanced. So the coding standards should be accentuated among the team members. Also, incorporate in your coding standards like how to tackle the prior source code standards, and your choice of metrics matters a lot. The developers are three times more prone to get satisfied with the code reviews. You may opt for any software development analytic tool, as it would be more convenient for you.

Several ways to get effective code reviews

Defining the code review process is the first step. These constructive implementations are general and mean equally to everyone whether a practiced professional or a newbie. But if this is just the startup of your business, you can have a copy of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard for Software Reviews and Audits (IEEE 1028-2008).

In case you need not have a formal startup, you can follow the below-mentioned ways to make your team members work for your code reviews.

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Create goals

You must have the goals and descriptions for the convenience of the clients. Make them aware of what code change is. Provide them with collaborative tools like whiteboard or email etc. This will keep your audience on track and concerned.

Keep your behavior attractive rather than distorting

Your concerning behavior towards the audience means a lot. Your group members are the ones you know the best so keep them interactive as well. If there is any kind of disruption on their behalf, communicate with them beforehand. 

Your scheduling is the crucial factor

Schedule your code review time daily, or if in a week then it should be the same time for all. There should not be any disruption among the team members. You need to avoid any irresponsible activity on your behalf. So to have proper time and aim for all would be the best solution. 

Make the participation mandatory for all team members

Have proper knowledge about the team members and make everyone participate in the meetings, even if it takes multiple meetings, participation should be mandatory. Every group should have 7-10 participants so that everyone could find time to participate. This is yet another way to have effective code reviews.

Use code review tools

Bring code review tools into use. Github has numerous tools for code reviews including podcasts, books, and articles. There are other tools as well that can help you to have effective code reviews. 

Be constructive

Your code should rely on standards. Appreciate the solutions and offer alternative solutions also. You may point out the code defects and the connected impacts on the other elements of the code.

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Effective code review cost and ROI

There are several apps for code reviews costs. One hour of a code review daily is equal to 253 hours per year and likewise, it corresponds to a full semester of the college worth OJT learning with innovative tools. The ROI can be obtained in case you make use of software development analytics.

With time you will be experiencing your performance. You will then miss fewer deadlines, reduce turnovers, and your team’s performance keeps getting improved. Gitential is free of cost software development analytic tool. You can try it now. Also, there are several other options you can pursue else.