How Translation Services Will Help You Gain New Business


Are you looking for ways to expand your audience and grow your business in the coming year? If so, you’re not alone; the post-pandemic world has left many business owners searching for ways to revitalize their bottom line after the global downturn of early 2020. 

One of the best ways to approach the need for expansion is by pursuing it on an international scale. Think of all the new markets you haven’t tapped that exist in nations outside your own country’s borders! Those markets are easier to tap into than you might think, too. All it takes is the help of a knowledgeable translation professional or agency. 

Why Partner With Translation Professionals? 

If you aren’t currently working toward expansion into foreign markets, you may wonder what on earth you would need a translator for. Isn’t English the international “language of business”? Who needs a translator’s services when you can just communicate in the same tongue?

The truth is, while English is widely used around the world, operating in a person’s native language will always be preferable for them. Offering your services to either consumers or business partners in a language they already speak, read, and write will eliminate any misunderstanding and clear up possible confusion – and it will make them more willing to work with you!

Looking for more reasons to add a translator to your team? Here are just a few more:

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Providing a Deeper Understanding to All Parties 

When you work with a consumer or a business partner, you want to be able to understand everything that is being said. This is true for them, as well; they want to easily understand you. It makes the entire transaction – regardless of content – simpler, smoother, and less stressful.

While many potential consumers or investors may speak your language – especially if that language is English – it is important to give them the option to communicate in their native language. They will almost always prefer this, as the use of the native language allows them a deeper understanding of the material being presented and the ability to communicate ideas more effectively. Granting them this opportunity will endear them to your business right from the start – and may lead to greater investments, more conversions, and more satisfied consumers! 

This means that although your potential new market may be populated with people who speak, read, and write English, you should still pursue translation services for their native tongue. In Germany, for example, most people grow up learning English as a second language. However, most German people still prefer using their own language, so working with German translators will open doors for your business that you might not have even imagined existed!

Ensuring Translation Accidents Don’t Happen

Humans make mistakes. That’s a given. But did you know that when it comes to language, humans are more likely to make those mistakes when they rely on the help of machines over other human beings?

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This is because machine – also called mechanical – translation is stiff, literal, and often inaccurate. It also lacks the ability to indicate words with no direct translation, or which have alternate meanings in other languages and cultural traditions. 

A prime example of this is the Ford motor company. When they released their Pinto automobile in the Brazilian market, they quickly realized that doing so with the original name was not a good idea. You see, the word ‘pinto’ has a crude, somewhat derogatory meaning in the Brazilian version of Portuguese. As such, the car did not sell well in the region, and Ford was forced to rethink its sales strategy in Latin America as a result. 

All of that could have easily been prevented by working with a human translator. Humans have the depth of understanding necessary to provide culturally sensitive and relevant translations of text. This means that your company won’t make the same marketing mistakes that so many others have suffered as a result of simple oversight – and you can break into new markets without fear.

Providing Better Experiences 

If you have spent any time in marketing research or development, you undoubtedly know that today’s consumer is looking for something more than simple advertisement. They want an experience. They want to feel genuinely connected to the brands they patronize. Meeting this need is known as experiential marketing, and it is the way to capture and hold the attention of today’s customers. 

This kind of marketing really only works in a person’s native language. After all, part of making your advertisements feel more engaging – more like organically interesting content – is relating to your audience. This may involve jokes, tongue-in-cheek references, catchy slogans, rhymes, and more. But all of it would be impossible without accurate and nuanced translation of the marketing materials you’re hoping to use. 

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Language barriers don’t have to hold your company back. Give yourself the gift of international expansion by partnering with a professional translator or translation agency this year – and let it be the year that you surpass even your own expectations for creating new, loyal customers!