How To Select The Best Storage Device?

How To Select The Best Storage Device?

No matter how drastically the technologies are changing in today’s world and other internet services like cloud storage systems are coming into picture…

Most of us still rely on pen drives and other physical storage devices like SD cards, hard disks, flash drives, etc.

There are a ton of benefits of cloud storage systems over physical storage systems like easy to access from anywhere in the world, no handling of any device is required, etc.

However, from keeping a backup of an important document or presentation to exchanging high-resolution movies of huge size (in terms of memory space it acquires) we all opt for and uses pen drives or external hard drives only.

So, it is very crucial to select the best type of drive that can fulfill all your needs, or I should say the essential requirements as no single drive can stand on all the factors you can think of…

Some have excellent performance; some are very compact, durable, and strong while others have super high transfer speed which can allow you to transfer your movies or huge sized files in just a blink of your eye.

So before starting to search for you should first ensure the purpose for which you are going to buy a physical storage device and for what work you will be using it most of the time.

Once you are ready with that part, let’s go ahead and compare the major physical storage devices and find the answer, which one you should consider buying for yourself.

SD card v/s Pen Drive v/s Flash Drive v/s External Hard Drive

Now, let’s compare all of these physical storage devices (SD cards, pen drive, flash drive, and external hard drive) on lots of different factors and figure out which one will fit your requirements.

#01 Design

The design factor doesn’t put much impact on the functions or usability of any storage device you may choose. However, the good design will surely fascinate others and maybe even you when you will use it anywhere publically.

In the case of SD cards, there is not much variation in terms of design or aesthetics is concerned. And in the case of pen drives and flash drives, you can see a ton of variations in design, colors, and size

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You can see the maximum varieties of design in the external hard disk in terms of its shape, size, color, grooves, ports, and other functional and non-functional point arrangements.

So, although as I have mentioned earlier, the design factor will not influence the functions and other factors much but being a buyer, you must remain choosy.

#02 Size and Handling

The size of the storage devices matters a lot as smaller the device will, easier it will be to carry it around with you.

Now, you can already estimate that the SD card will be the smallest device in size followed by all other devices.

Then generally, the flash drives come in a smaller size than pen drives. However, there are a ton of pen derive brands that offer excellent quality of pen drives in a smaller size than flash drives.

And the largest device among all these storage devices is the external hard drive or external hard disk. However, some hard drives in the market are very compact and as thin as a plate.

So, this is one factor that you should check for. As if you think that you are going to carry the device in your pocket then you should probably go with pen drives or flash drives.

As the SD card is so small that you need to carry it in the same safe pocket and on the other hand the external hard drive is so big that you have to carry that in a bag or your hands.

So, be wise about this factor.

#03 Storage Capacity

Here the main factor of any storage device comes into the picture…

As you are buying a device majorly for storage purposes, this is the factor on which you need to have a clear cut vision and focus the most.

Now, in general terms, the storage capacity is directly proportional to its size (exceptions are there for sure). So, the SD or memory cards generally the least storage capacity ranging from a few MBs to over 256 GBs, and the external hard drive has the most storage space ranging from a few 100 GBs to over 5 TB or more.

Therefore, if you want to use the storage device for office purposes to just show some presentation and do minor work, then you should opt to go with pen drives or flash drives.

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Here you can check the latest and best pen drives and flash drives at affordable price:

The SD cards have limited use and if you want to increase your mobile phone storage, then you can go with that.

But if you want to store your memories in high-resolution videos for years or share movies and huge sized games with your friends and colleges, then the usage of the external hard drive will be the best-suited option for you.

#04 Data transfer speed

If you are someone buying a device to share your huge size content like software, movies, games, etc., then this should be one of the major factors you should consider while hunting for the best storage device.

Talking in basic term, there are storage devices that supports three different versions that decide how much transfer speed you can avail, that is, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1.

Now, this version does not come with SD card, they are generally found in the pen drives, flash drives, and hard drives. And, as your purpose is to share high-quality videos or software, you will definitely opt for either pen drives or external hard disks.

I will highly recommend you to invest your money in hard disks for this purpose and to if you want to know which are the best external hard disks then check here:

Moreover, for sharing purpose you should go with the storage drive that either support USB 3.0 (that will give the transfer speed of about 80-90 Mbps) else USB 3.1 (that will give the transfer speed of about 100-120 Mbps).

Devices supporting USB 2.0 will also be fine, but the other using two will allow you to transfer files at lightning speed.

#05 Compatibility

Compatibility is one of that factors that generally counts in only pen drive or flash drives as they come in a wide range of supporting versions.

For example, a pen drive supporting USB 3.0 may not support USB 2.0 (which are generally installed in a ton of PCs), so it may become useless to you and then you need to return that.

However, this is not a factor that deviates much and normally the all the pen drives support the lower version like a USB 3.0 may not support 3.1 but it will surely support 2.0, so you can skip checking this factor in general.

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#06 Strength and Weight

Now, this is really an important factor as the more strength your device will have, the better will be its durability. And the better its durability, the more you can be casual with the usage of your device.

It is like, you can play with a NOKIA cell phone but you will keep the iPhone secure in your front pocket with its screen facing inwards. 😉

Moreover, the weight is also a considerable factor as some of the external hard drives come with more built-in features that increase its weight and makes it heavier to carry it everywhere.

So, you must consider these two factors if you want to take your drive everywhere with you and use it carelessly.

#09 Cost

Here is the factor that plays a very significant role in buying a storage device. As I mentioned earlier that you can’t have everything you can imagine in one single drive.

That does not mean that such a drive has never been designed or manufactured, it simply means that it will not be a cost-effective idea.

Integrating all the factors positively in one drive will increase its cost dramatically that it will not be much affordable.

So, with every other factor, you need to take care of cost too that it should not hurt your pocket much. It will automatically be in place if you know why you want to buy a storage drive and buy one wisely considering all the above factors.


To sum up, physical storage devices like SD cards, pen drives, flash drives, and hard disk drives that are discussed above are a boon and cannot be completely outshined by the new cloud storage technologies.

And now, when you know all the factors related to how you can choose the best storage device that will suit your daily needs, I would love to head form you…

Which drive are you going to buy?

Or, is there any other factor that I left?

Either way, comment below and let me know.