How to Remove Duplicate Photos from Mac, MacBook


Duplicate Pictures can be created on your Mac due to many reasons. Duplicates created will take space on your MacBook and deleting will not only Declutter your Mac but it will also free up the space on the Mac. Due to the duplicates on the Mac the storage space of the Mac gets filled up and many times we do not know the reason behind it. So, we need to regularly check the Mac for the duplicate pictures and clean them to free up the space on the Mac.

Duplicates on the MacBook can be deleted manually or can be deleted using the third-party program.

Manually deleting the duplicates will be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, first we will show how you can find and delete the duplicates on the Mac.

Reason for removing the Duplicate Photos on Mac?

Duplicates are of no use and will fill up the hard drive unnecessarily. If the Mac is filled with the duplicates and junk then it will make your Mac slow. Also, if the drive gets filled then we have to upgrade the hard drive of the Mac that will cost you money. 

Your Mac will become slow and become sluggish if it gets filled. If you want your Mac to behave correctly then you have to remove duplicates and junk from your Mac. 

How to Find and Remove Duplicates on your Mac Manually?

You can manually delete duplicate photos from Mac; however, this process is slow and will take more time.

  1. One manual method of cleaning the duplicates is to open the folder in which duplicates are stored and then select the duplicates manually and then delete them.

    Using this manual method does not guarantee deletion of the all the duplicates manual process takes precision and many times duplicates are not deleted. Also, when manually deleting the duplicates users have to be careful so the normal pictures are deleted.  You have to manually search for the duplicates and sort them according to size, name and extension and then delete them. Sometimes you have to check the pictures by opening them in order to check them for the duplicates.

    1: Firstly, open the Finder window.
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2: Now search the “*” in the search bar from the upper right corner.

3: Sort the files using the Size and Kind column. If you do not see the sorting criteria then you can enable it by going into View > Show View Options.

4: Once you see the Size, Kind and extension criteria then you can sort the pictures according to these criteria.

5: Now you can delete the duplicates.

  1. Mac also contains a Smart Folder feature that will help you to delete duplicate photos from Mac easily. To use Smart Folder Feature to delete duplicate photo from Mac follow the steps below:

    a. First open the Finder.
    b. Now go to File and then click on New Smart Folder
  2. c. You will see the plus sign below the search bar and then search bar and then select the kind parameter that should be changed to images.

    d. Now change the format to “All”
    e. Now you have to manually delete the duplicates from the search results and then delete them.

  3. Another method to delete duplicate photo from Mac is to download pictures from iCloud and them delete them and then reupload them:

    a. At first open the browser and then log in to
    b. Now click on the Photos tab and then click on All Photos
    c. Now select the duplicates you want to delete and the delete them.
    photosd. Now reupload the pictures.

Deleting the duplicates using the software:

We have seen the manual method to delete duplicate photos from Mac, now we will use a third party program to delete the duplicate.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

To delete the duplicates from the Mac using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro you have to select the location from which you want to scan the duplicates and click on the Scan Duplicate button. 

Once the duplicates are scanned you can manually check mark the duplicates for deletion from the results or you can click on the Auto Mark button to automatically mark the duplicates.

Here we will use Disk Clean Pro to delete the duplicates from Mac. 

Disk Clean Pro is Mac optimization software that will enhance your Mac speed and performance that will ultimately result in increased lifespan of your Mac.

Disk Clean Pro contains different features like One Click Cleaning, Optimizes, Memory, Internet Privacy, Misc Cleaning, Removes Large Files, and Shredder apart from finding the duplicates.

To remove the duplicate using the Disk Clean Pro you have to click on Duplicates Finder module from the “Space optimization” section.

Now click on Find Duplicates. This will search for all the duplicates on your Mac.  

You can also sort different types of files according to their types and then delete them according to your needs.

There is another duplicate photo remover program that will help you to remove similar and exact duplicates from your Mac in a single click. Duplicate Photos Fixer will easily delete the duplicates from your Mac.


Deleting the duplicates from the Mac is very necessary. It will help you to save space from the mac and optimize it. You can either take the long way for deleting duplicates or you can use the software mentioned in the article for deleting the duplicates easily.

Summary: Delete the duplicates easily using a duplicate photo remover program and save space on your Mac.