How to promote your Bible study classes

Bible study

When you start with Bible study classes, the first thing you’ll want to do is secure your room at your local church, get a copy of the Holy Bible, and any other material you’ll need. Alternatively, you may start giving Bible classes online. After deciding on this you now need to promote your Bible study classes. 

Below we’ll explore some ways you can connect with people and get them to your attend Bible study classes. Here’s how you can promote your Bible study classes easily.

Announcements in the church

Use every opportunity your church offers you, to get the message out about your Bible study classes. Whether this is through announcements before or after the church service, making use of bulletin boards, or using the church’s digital channels such as website, social media, or email lists.

You could also ask for your classes to be included in any presentation slides for events going on at the church.

Make sure you include all the necessary and relevant details regarding your Bible study classes, such as location, timings, any contact information, and fee if there’s one involved. If you provide childcare for people who choose to attend, remember to mention that as well.

Use posters & flyers to spread the word

When you’re looking to promote your Bible study classes it’d be a good idea to use some traditional marketing tactics to get the attention of people. You can use online tools such as PosterMyWall to create a stunning poster that you can post at the church and throughout your local area. You can also make use of church flyer templates that you can easily customize, and hand out to people in your locale.

Use your posters and distribute flyers in areas with high traffic such as coffee shops, nurseries, schools, malls, doctors’ offices, and any other you can think of.

Pull together a promotional video

A short video of your Bible study classes is a great way to draw attention to your service. You can exhibit your short promo video during Sunday service, at other church events, or share it on social media. Your video should highlight what people should expect from the classes and why they should consider attending.

Make sure to start sharing this well in advance of the start of your classes. Apart from posting the video on your church’s website or social media platforms, you could should the video on a loop on any flatscreen TV that you may have at the church, local offices, or clinics in the vicinity. 

Make use of sign-up forms

An old-school way you can start promoting your Bible study classes is by hitting the streets and inviting people to sign-up for your classes using sign-up forms. This can help you get an approximate idea of the number of Bibles you’ll need to buy, and area needed to accommodate everyone. Remember to add all details regarding the class on this sign-up sheet. 

Press release for some local promotion

Send a press release to your local newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels about your Bible study classes starting. Most of these outlets will likely pick this up and promote your class as a free public service announcement.

Email invitations to the community

Email is a powerful method to connect with your audience. Larger churches generally have email software that they use to send emails to their congregation. Make use of this! Create engaging emails through the use of online templates that you can edit in minutes and send out.

Spread the word on social media 

Everyone can be found on social media nowadays. Make use of various social media platforms to connect with church-goers and locally promote your Bible study classes.

Instagram in particular is gaining rapid popularity. If your local church has an Instagram page, use this to market your classes. This doesn’t have to be too costly or take much time as you can use easy-to-customzize Instagram templates widely available online, to create engaging content and connect with your audience using a form of communication they have become accustomed to.

Facebook is another social platform that is used frequently by many, and so a great place to start promoting your Bible study class. You may also choose to do a demo live stream to give your prospective clients a little taster of what to expect from the class.

Word-of-Mouth promotions:

To get your classes to become the talk of the town you may want to consider using current clients or brand advocates to help promote your class.

You likely have some people who are very passionate about religion attend your class. If you’re doing a good job and providing your clients with a unique experience, you can get the help of them to act as brand advocates, helping with word-of-mouth promotions.

Help build a connection with your students, so they sing nothing but praises to others about your class, and naturally go around sharing their positive experience and encouraging others to join.

You may want to get written or video testimonials from such people, which you can use for your promotional communications when marketing your classes.


These are some promotional strategies you can use to promote your Bible study classes. If none of these work for you, you can always ask the Holy Spirit to help draw people’s attention to your classes!

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