How To Know How Many Are Connected To Your Wifi On Mobile?


Many people ask me that how to know how many are connected to my wifi on mobile. I just tell them to check their connection status on their phone and see how many are connected. But there’s a better way to do it. You can also do it right on your computer by going into your mobile device’s settings and checking for available networks.

If you’re not familiar with your cellular devices’ networking settings, don’t worry. They’re pretty simple to understand. Just go to your mobile wireless network’s settings and tap the icon that says Wireless Network. It will take you to a list of all the available wireless networks.

The number after the Wireless Network’s icon is the SSID. That’s the SSID of the network. It will look like WEP-ija or a Julius. If you see any of these, then your signal is connected. If you see no SSID, that means your mobile, wireless device isn’t part of a known wireless network and you should check the status of another wireless network.

How To Know How Many Are Connected To Your Wifi On Mobile? Now that you know what the SSID is for, you can start checking out some of the other ways how to know how many are connected to your wifi on mobile. First, let’s look at networks you already know about. If you’re like most users, your carrier is likely to offer WiMax or some variation of WiMax in your area. To see which networks are on your area, head to Google or another search engine and do a search for the name of your wireless service. Once you have the name, go to its free network status page and you will see if it’s signed up to a Google+ account or not.

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On some Android devices, you may see a network indicator at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This will be either an app or screen layout that you have come across before and will often ask you to sign up for a Google account if you want to continue. You will probably also see this indicator when you use your SIRI of Android to connect to a network. SIRI stands for System Information Router, and is basically a web browser that connects to your Wifi on your phone. In some cases, your SIRI will be GoogleFi, but if not, you should still see the indicator.

How To Know How Many Are Connected To Your Wifi On Mobile? Once you’ve signed up for a Google account and set up your Google+ profile, you can easily see how many people are online using their Google Fi or Zagat scores. There are other sites available that can give you similar information, and some are free while others cost a small fee. These sites often give you the Google Fi connections by percentage and give you ways of how to find other types of connections. These include Open Network, Find My Friends and wi-fi locator.

How To Know How Many Are Connected To Your Wifi On A Mobile Device You’re driving around town, visiting someone in the hospital, or just getting on an airplane – when suddenly you realize you’ve forgotten to set your Wifi up! How do you find out how many people are online using their networks like Facebook? The answer is simple – you’ll need to connect to Google’s social network, called Google+. You can do this in one of two ways: directly through Google, which requires a Google account; or through third party applications like AirVideo, Viber, or SmartVideo.

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You can also test your Facebook, Twitter, or other networks like these. Simply go to the network of your choice and, once logged in, go to test/ping. This will tell you how many people are online at any given time. So if you think you’re growing weary of Facebook, you may want to try these apps before going back to Facebook. This option is often a lot less intrusive than having to ask everyone to add you (which will inevitably lead to people notifying you about their Facebook connection).