How to get your YouTube channel in ranking?


If you are looking to rank your YouTube channel, then you would have to work on YouTUbe SEO. Yes, learn a few tricks about SEO and then you can make it big! Let us understand the dynamics of what can be done to get free YouTube subscribers and improve your channel ranking. 

  • Keywords Research

In order to start from somewhere, always start from the granular level. Safari SEO in Melbourne suggest that the same principles for regular SEO keyword research can be applied to YouTube keyword research. As of 2021, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. As such, many of the keyword trends that can be observed through third party keyword research tools are applicable to YouTube Keyword research. Create a list of keyword ideas to start with. Find the best keywords for your videos. You can do this by simply using the search suggest feature. This way, you just need to type out a word or phrase. 

  • Use Tags

To optimize your videos, you need to use tags. Publishing your videos with tags is one of the best SEO features that YouTube can provide. If your videos can be tagged, then they can allow you to enter some keywords there so that when people search a video for that keyword, they can visit your video. This is a great opportunity to use your keywords and use SEO. Do not overuse tags, using about 10-15 per video is enough.

  • Asking People to Engage With Your Video

Whenever you are doing the video, always ask people to engage with your video as much as you can. Your videos can get a lot of likes and comments if you just ask. If you get more engagement, it can make your videos popular, and just like that; your videos can be ranked. 

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One of the major metrics that matter for indexing your videos is comments so ask people to comment on your video as much as possible. It is always a good idea when your comments section is a place for discussion about your video where people can give suggestions, ask doubts, come up with theories, or may even criticize. This is great for feedback and makes your videos better. 

  • Optimizing video descriptions and titles

As hard as you work on your videos, you need to work on your keyword research, your video titles, and descriptions. Fill in with keywords wherever you can and if you have keywords in your videos, you are able to capture those search queries that people come up with. Be clear and concise with your titles. 


Thus, here is how you can rank your videos higher on Youtube. You can try hard to get free YouTube subscribers so that you can have real-time watch hours, more likes, and comments. The users need to stay for 15 seconds or longer and not just bounce after 5 seconds. If you are able to capture their attention for a minute, then it is highly likely that they are going to watch the entire video. At the start and the end of the video, do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe! This is a great CTA line and it can help you focus on getting more subscribers and therefore indexing your videos higher.