How To Get Your Home Ready For Thanksgiving Guests


Thanksgiving is a special holiday for many of us. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, filled with family, great food, and wonderful smells. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is a special way of welcoming friends and family to our homes, and you will certainly have to prepare for this to make your guests feel welcomed.

When you plan for Thanksgiving guests, there are certain things you can do to make this holiday a memorable one for everyone involved. Whether you decide to host a big party at your home or choose to host your guests at one of your local restaurants, you need to get your home in order. If this is your first time being a host, here are ways you can get your home ready.

1.Shop For Table Decors

Pumpkin is a traditional Thanksgiving table decor. One thing that is recommended when decorating with pumpkin is to get a couple of those cheap battery-operated glow sticks and attach them to the wall wherever you want to put your pumpkin.

These types of lights will also make a pretty and spooky addition to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

2.Vacuum The Entire House

Vacuuming is probably the single most effective way to thoroughly clean your entire home. No doubt your guests won’t feel welcomed in a dirty environment. Carpets attract all kinds of allergens, dust mites, and molds and can be just plain dirty. Vacuum cleaning is a much better solution than cleaning with chemicals, and it’s actually healthier for you too.

Carpets that are dirty can be sucked up more easily using a vacuum. There are also robotic cleaners that use vacuum technology to scrub the fibers of the carpet, dry out the dirt and stain, and then suck up the dirty water, soil and stains with the use of a suction hose. Vacuuming regularly will help reduce allergens in your home, and it will also keep your home cleaner and more organized too.

3.Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Keeping a clean bathroom often means wiping down surfaces with good bacteria-killing cleaners (chlorine, antibacterial liquids & other types of cleaners); pay particular attention to the shower/bathtub surface, faucet, and surfaces of all handles & fixtures in the bathroom.

It is essential that these surfaces be kept clean as dirt and soap residue build up over time. Regular wiping of surfaces helps in getting rid of any dust that may have collected on the surface over time and also prevents watermarks on the walls and floor from building up.

House cleaning companies use microfiber cloths on shower doors and bathtubs, and these can be machine washed if the need arises. Bath surfaces are best mopped with warm water and dried after the removal of any water residue.

Whenever you are organizing the house for the day, it is important to keep a clean bathroom to ensure everyone can use the facilities comfortably and hygienically. Your guests would appreciate the effort you put in for them.

4.Buy and Store Additional Robes and Towels

Towels are personal items, so it won’t be a good idea to share one with a guest. Most people bring their towels with them while traveling, but just as a courtesy, fold and keep neat new towels in the bathroom.

You should also have a clean linen closet to store your used towels and robes. You can use a basket to store them or fold them in a storage closet.

5.Sweep and Dust

Sweeping and dusting should be done before vacuuming. For this, you must open all the windows and get them wiped clean if possible. You should also clean the roofs, patio, veranda, and any other place on the outside that collects dust easily.

There are lots of cleaning agents that would get rid of stains in one scrub. If your lawns are overgrown, you would have to mow them and trim the flowers as well. After you have cleaned them, you must spray them with a disinfectant in case of any insect infestation.


When you’re done cleaning and getting your house ready, it is time to relax and focus on the festivity. A more formal approach to Thanksgiving dinner is to plan a dinner party at one of your local restaurants. Many restaurants will feature special menus for holidays, and you can enjoy the entire evening with the beautiful scenery and ambiance of a fine dining establishment.

If you are hosting the party at your home, you can also set up a buffet in your kitchen and let your guests mingle and eat comfortably in front of your holiday photographs. No matter what type of gathering you decide to throw, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family once you make the necessary preparations. We hope these tips help you out. Happy Thanksgiving!

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